The FITAID FIVE: Helping Gyms Reopen Safely & Successfully

The New York Times recently released their top recommendations to help gyms in the U.S. reopen successfully this summer. LIFEAID co-founder Aaron Hinde and his daughter Trinity share the FITAID FIVE with their community. Knowing how important fitness is to our mental and physical health and overall well-being, please stay safe and stay fit out there. We’re in this together!


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8 Simple Ways to Jumpstart Your Self-Care Journey

Written by travel blogger Tiffany Ammerman 

We’ve all seen the #SelfCareSunday hashtag on social media, but have you taken the time to do your own self-care Sunday? For the majority of us, it was difficult in the past to find the time to devote to taking care of our mind and body. Now that we’re spending a large portion of our days at home, why not take this time to explore different ways to indulge in a little self-care love, any day of the week! 

Check out these tips and tricks to help jumpstart your self-care journey: 

  • Dedicate A Day Just For You

Starting off by choosing a day to dedicate to your own wellness creates the foundation for a good, self-care Sunday. Oftentimes, especially now, we feel that it’s important to check in on others and to provide stability and comfort to our friends and family and, subsequently, putting ourselves on the backburner. However, it’s very important to remember to take care of your own emotional wellness—not only for yourself but also for those around you, so you can continue to fill yourself up in order to be someone others can turn to in return to get filled up.

  • Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode

We can start off with really good self-care intentions, when—suddenly—we’re on a social media spiral, checking our notifications and scrolling for hours. In a blink, our dedicated ‘me’ time is gone. It’s so easy to get distracted, with so many of our friends sending video chat requests and myriad notifications pinging our phones throughout the day. Do yourself a favor and set your phone to ‘airplane mode’ so that you can get the most distraction-free time out of your self-care Sunday (or whatever day you choose).

  • Read A Good Book

Reading an interesting book is the age-old self-care tradition that can easily fall by the wayside when life gets busy. Try keeping up with a series that you enjoy or join a virtual book club so you’ll be more likely to devote some time to reading and relaxing. You’ll be glad you spent a few hours curled up on the couch with a good book and a comfy blanket. 

  • Declutter Your Space

Creating a clean space can automatically release endorphins, the feel good hormone, making you more at ease and happy. It might seem counterintuitive to do some work during a self-care day but your future self will thank you. Being in a cozy, organized and clean environment makes you feel more at peace and will create the perfect spot for future self-care moments. 

  • Get to Gardening

Soaking up some much needed vitamin D in the sunshine can help to boost your mood and make you feel more energized. If you live in a smaller space without a yard, try potting some houseplants or even making a little herb garden for your balcony. Planting and taking care of something can help make you feel productive and happy while also providing the benefit of having your own fresh herbs on hand for making healthy, yummy meals. 

  • Stretch, Exercise, Meditate

Devoting time to taking care of your body is not only good for your physical health but it’s beneficial for your mental and emotional health, as well. Take some time to meditate, work out or stretch your body during your next self-care session. Endorphins that are released during and after your workout will have you feeling happy, relaxed and ready for your next self-care activity.

  • Discover a Hobby

Many of us have found a new hobby (or a few!) to keep us busy during quarantine. From bread making to quilting, a lot of us have turned to learning “old world” skills as we’ve been in lockdown. Try to use one of your self-care days to devote time to learning and experimenting with that hobby. Learning something new keeps your mind sharp and allows you to understand how to overcome challenges. Picking up a new hobby can also help to alleviate stress as you immerse yourself into learning a new language or how to preserve foods. 

  • Practice Saying “No” 

It might seem strange at first, but stress can begin to seep into our lives by the simple act of over-committing ourselves. Keep telling yourself that you’re worth the self-care time and don’t allow others to take that devoted time away from you. Protect yourself and your self-care sacred space by saying, “No!”


Times are stressful for everyone right now and, for many of us, our first instinct is to take care of the people we love. While that is important, commit to setting aside some time to take care of yourself today. Start off with something small like a face mask or taking a bath, if the idea of a full day of self-care is a big leap for you. Remember, you have to make sure your own cup is full before you can pour into others. Enjoy your unique self-care journey!

Cover photo courtesy of @LIFEAID
All other images courtesy of @magpie_wild 


About the Author:
Georgia native Tiffany Ammerman is the thru-hiker and CrossFitter behind the travel blog The Goodish Traveler. She spends the majority of her time traveling, eating sushi and searching for hiking trails. When she’s not blogging, Ammerman can be found training at CrossFit LaGrange and teaching art to kids.

You can follow her adventures on Instagram: @the_goodish_traveler or her website:


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HindeSight #37: Ten Proven Principles for Navigating Chaos in Your Personal & Professional Life

Mastering Your Mindset for Business

In this episode of Thrive On Life, Aaron Hinde teaches us key mindset lessons he learned on his journey from bankruptcy to scaling a multi-million dollar company. Plus, we’ll uncover some practical tips on how to better communicate with your partner, attract the right people for your brand, and how to pivot your business during this new norm.

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How I’m Thinking Through Hard Times

Life-coach guru Brendon Burchard shares his 10 proven principles and practices to help you combat the stress and fear of this chaotic time.

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If everything is hunky-dory in life, if everything’s just totally easy and kosher and smooth sailing, you never change your behavior. Why would you? So there’s no growth. But when you have obstacles that force you to grow and force you to deal with challenging situations, you should get excited. Because I guarantee those are going to be opportunities for growth in your life.
—Aaron Hinde


Top 15 Nutrition Tips During Quarantine

Having trouble sticking to your nutrition goals during this crazy time? Here are some great tips on how to rewire your brain and create successful habits in and out of the kitchen.

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These Are The Best Books for People With Anxiety, According to Psychologists

Good Housekeeping polled six mental health professionals and asked them to share some must-read recommendations for those struggling with breaking the cycle of anxiety in their life.

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HindeSight  |  No. 37

5 Equipment-Free Home Workouts to Try Today!

Written by travel blogger Tiffany Ammerman 

Is social distancing putting a cramp in your fitness regimen?

Are you finding it difficult or frustrating to get a sweat session in without access to your normal workout equipment? With so many of us now finding ourselves doing nearly everything from home, we’re longing for the days when attending a HIIT, yoga, CrossFit, dance or spin class was the norm in our daily routine. 

Photos of epic and creative home/garage gyms are popping up everywhere, as we adjust to our new-found quarantine lifestyle. To help you stay fit during SIP, we’ve curated a list of five different types of fun and effective workouts that will get you sweating with little (or no) equipment. Bonus: if you’re missing your workout buddies, you can easily do these circuits over Zoom/FaceTime with a friend.

Grab your water bottle, some tunes, a virtual friend, and get ready for some simple at-home workouts that will get both your heart rate and mood boosted!

  • HIIT 

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) has become popular among those who are looking for a heart-pumping workout often using just your bodyweight combined with high reps. 

Check out this HIIT workout you can try at home, repeat the circuit 3-4 times:

20 Speed Skaters

10 Air Squats

10 Squat Jumps

30 Mountain Climbers 

10 Sit-Ups

10 Seated Ab Tucks

10 Push-Ups

10 Burpees

10 Pulse Lunges (per leg) 

10 Glute Bridges

Max. Plank Hold

HIIT workout courtesy of @healthy_bree

  • Yoga Flow

There are many subsets of yoga, from hot yoga to Bikram to Ashtanga Vinyasa and more! Some yoga flows can be meditative, slow and peaceful while others will send your heart rate soaring or have you completely inverted. 

Check out these sans-equipment home yoga sequences. Repeat each exercise for 15 reps, complete 3-4 rounds:

Downward Dog to Upward Dog

Knee Hover to Downward Dog 

Knee Hover + knee-to-shoulder taps

Handstand Tuck Jump 

Hand Plank to Forearm Plank (with alternating knee hovers)

Yoga workout courtesy of @fitveganyogi

  • Cardio

Cardio is typically defined as any sort of workout that increases your heart rate. Whether that is running, climbing stairs, swimming or high-volume body movements, it is guaranteed to spike your heart rate and get you sweating.

Check out this spicy at-home cardio circuit, try repeating the circuit 4-5 times:

1:00 Skaters

0:15 Run, turnaround, then 0:15 Run back 

1:00 Squat Jumps

0:30 Run, turnaround, then 0:30 Run back 

1:00 Burpees

0:45 Run, turnaround, then 0:45 Run back 

1:00 Jumping Jacks

Cardio workout courtesy of @gomadtfitnesstoledo

  • Dance HIIT Out

Workouts incorporating various dance movements have become a fitness trend that has cultivated a huge following. From barre to ballroom dancing to Buti yoga, there are many dance-infused fitness routines for you to explore, even from home.

Give this at-home dance circuit a go, repeat 3-4 times:

10 Passé Jump Step Touch

10 Squat Jump Twist

10 Tricep Tap Clap Plank

10 Plank Jack Knee Crunch

Dance workout courtesy of @sequinjillian and @carbon38

  •  Strength Training

If you’re wanting to get some strength training in but don’t have any dumbbells or barbells on hand, we’ve got you covered. During this time, getting creative is key! Please feel free to adjust the movements for whatever equipment you have, and always be safe.*

Here’s an upper-body strength circuit that uses items you can easily find lying around your home! Aim for quality reps and complete the circuit 2 times: 

5 Single-Arm Shoulder Lifts with a weighted/full backpack (5x per side)

5 Single-Arm Fly with a weighted/full backpack (5x per side)

5 Shoulder Lifts with a heavy box/bag

0:30 Overhead Hold with a heavy box/bag

5 Arm Raises with a heavy box/bag

5 Single-Shoulder Press with a milk jug/bottle (5x per side)

5 Around-the-Worlds with a broom handle/stick

5 Tricep Extensions with a milk jug/bottle

Strength workout courtesy of @dina_homeworkouts


Hopefully, these at-home workouts will help get you motivated and moving. But, like all things during this time, please don’t let failure or missed workouts become a point of shame—remember that your mental health is equally important right now. So if you find yourself getting more frustrated than fit, just give yourself a break for the day, go for a walk, then get back to it tomorrow. Utilize this unique time to explore different types of workouts and just have fun moving your body today! 

*Please always consult a physician before starting any exercise regimen.

Photos courtesy of: @healthy_bree and @meganashleyfitness


About the Author:
Georgia native Tiffany Ammerman is the thru-hiker and CrossFitter behind the travel blog The Goodish Traveler. She spends the majority of her time traveling, eating sushi and searching for hiking trails. When she’s not blogging, Ammerman can be found training at CrossFit LaGrange and teaching art to kids.

You can follow her adventures on Instagram: @the_goodish_traveler or her website:


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LIFEAID Supports Moms with Launch of ‘Mothers of Fitness’ Docuseries and Facebook Community

If you think fitness is hard enough, try adding motherhood!

This Mother’s Day, LIFEAID is launching Mothers of Fitness, a docuseries and an inclusive online community to help support, inspire and motivate moms worldwide to lead healthy, active lifestyles.

Join us as we experience fit moms tackling motherhood—from the laughter to the tears, juggling workouts between feedings & diapers, and everything in between! You’ll get an inside look at the daily lives of women who have taken on the biggest job of all: being a mom. Mothers of Fitness (MoF) proves that being a strong mom is so much more than just fitness.

“Here’s to strong women.
May we know them.
May we be them.
May we raise them.”

Watch for top athletes and everyday mamas featured in upcoming episodes of the Mothers of Fitness docuseries, with new episodes airing each week. Some of the Mothers of Fitness currently featured include:

  • Former NPC competitor turned CrossFit athlete, fitness model, SG Training Zone owner & proud toddler mom Sarah Grace

Mothers everywhere are now invited to join the online MoF community on Facebook, a place for moms to come together, support and build each other up. After all, we are stronger as women when we stand united. So tell a mom you love and come get inspired, share advice with fellow moms, find fitness tips, discover healthy recipes, workout virtually together, laugh or cry—we’re here for it all.

The Mothers of Fitness Facebook group will also feature partnerships with brands moms love, giveaways, online events, live Q&A sessions, discounts for MoF members, fresh content, and other fun ways to get involved.

“As a mother, it is often hard to find time to dedicate to yourself. With MoF, we want to provide an inclusive community that will be a platform of inspiration and motivation for busy moms,” says Emily Sommariva, LIFEAID CMO and mother of one-and-a-half-year-old daughter Luna. “We are excited to be bringing top notch, heartfelt content through articles, amazing moderators and our MoF docuseries. We’ve gotta stick together!”

Facebook round icon logo svg | Facebook round icon logo vector ...

Join the Mothers of Fitness Facebook group and connect with mothers around the world!

Here’s a sneak peek of our upcoming Mothers of Fitness docuseries, launching this Mother’s Day!

Interested in submitting content or becoming a moderator for Mothers of Fitness? Please email us at:

Not a mom? Share this with a mother who inspires you.


Proudly brought to you by LIFEAID Beverage Company

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Relationships During COVID-19: How to Stay Connected in a Time of Social Distancing

Written by travel blogger Tiffany Ammerman 

This is definitely an unprecedented time in everyone’s lives. As we’re self-isolating in our own homes, many people are finding creative ways to stay connected during this time of social distancing. While it might not be the same as gathering your closest friends together for a backyard BBQ, these clever ways of staying in touch with your friends are sure to help banish any quarantine blues.


  1. Share Your Playlists
    Curating a personalized playlist is an old throwback to creating mix tapes (or CDs, for all you millenials out there) for your best friend, and it is a classic, time-tested tradition of showing someone that you care. Not only can you create a playlist for your friends but you can also create various different playlists to share with others so they can listen while doing quarantine activities, like making dinner or cleaning out their closet. It’ll make them feel more connected to you and help boost their mood.
  2. Virtual Workout Sessions
    Athletes are having to get a bit creative when it comes to sticking to their workout routine from home lately. Even though we may be maintaining our fitness, most of us are missing that important social aspect of being a member of a gym and its community. A cool way to get together with your gym buddies during quarantine is to set up a WOD, HIIT, yoga or stretching session over FaceTime (video call). Not only are you getting your workout in for the day but you’re also getting the chance to connect with your fitness friends. Just knowing we’re all still sweating through this together can help keep you motivated!
  3. Watch Shows Together
    Streaming services (like Netflix® and Hulu®) have been churning out the content lately, so now is the perfect time to (video) call up your sister, co-worker or friends and tune into the same guilty pleasure reality series. Just because we can’t physically have visitors in our home doesn’t mean we can’t have a fun night of laughing and chatting together over FaceTime, Zoom® or video calls with them.
  4. Parking Lot Dinner Dates
    Want to spend time with your partner or loved one while helping to support your local economy at the same time? Try a parking lot dinner date! Many local restaurants are still safely offering take-away options for select menu items, so grab yourself a yummy meal and meet your favorite person in the parking lot. While still maintaining the six feet of required distance, you can sit in your car while they sit in theirs—with the windows rolled down—and spend some quality time catching up. Nothing beats good food and good company, and a few feet of distance is always better than a few miles.
  5. FaceTime While Cooking
    Sharing recipes has seen a resurgence, with thousands of people discovering or rekindling their love of cooking and baking while in quarantine. (Finding bread and yeast online or in stores lately is like a quest for the Holy Grail!) When has there ever been a better time to try trading recipes with a friend or—as an added level of fun—try cooking together virtually! Not only can you get in some good gab time but you can also share cooking advice while attempting to master each other’s favorite recipe(s). Plus, making a mess in the kitchen is always more fun when someone is doing it with you, even if it’s only virtually. After quarantine, we may have to change the saying to: “Friends who cook together stay together.”


This is a new way of life for everyone so it’s normal to feel days of frustration, stress and loneliness. Taking this new journey one day at a time while finding new, inventive ways to connect with our loved ones is a helpful way to make us feel more social and happy. While these creative shelter-in-place solutions may not be able to replace the joy of holding our partner’s hand at the movie theatre on the weekends or meeting up with friends for brunch, we must simply do our best to stay connected and positive during this time. Being kind to ourselves by prioritizing self-care is not only about eating well and keeping fit, it’s also about remaining connected with our core group of loved ones. So the next time you’re feeling down, hop on a video call with your best friend and try working out, cooking or just talking while sheltering-in-place, virtually, together. 


Cover photo courtesy of @ninaghamari
Cooking photo courtesy of 


About the Author:
Georgia native Tiffany Ammerman is the thru-hiker and CrossFitter behind the travel blog The Goodish Traveler. She spends the majority of her time traveling, eating sushi and searching for hiking trails. When she’s not blogging, Ammerman can be found training at CrossFit LaGrange and teaching art to kids.

You can follow her adventures on Instagram: @the_goodish_traveler or her website:


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Honoring Our Health Care Heroes

Amidst the current COVID-19 crisis, it is our health care heroes who have helped sustain us, the brave women and men who are tirelessly battling on the front lines of this pandemic with smiles under their masked faces. To each and every one of you, for your sacrifice and your bravery, we say THANK YOU. 

This month, LIFEAID has donated over 30 pallets of FITAID ZERO to more than 150 hospitals worldwide to help fuel the dedicated paramedics, nurses and doctors on their rounds. Here are just a few of the many heroes who wear masks. We could not get through this time without you!

WPB Medical Center in Virginia

Loma Linda University Medical Center in California

Covenant/Fort Sanders Regional Hospital in Tennessee

Columbia Memorial Health in New York

Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla in California

Trident Hospital in South Carolina

Gilbert Fire Department in Arizona 

Bellevue Pharmacy in New York

St. Luke’s Health System in Wisconsin


> > > Stay well.

HindeSight #36: Mothers of Fitness Docuseries Launches This Mother’s Day

How to Grow Your Green Thumb: Houseplants With Health Benefits

Written by travel blogger Tiffany Ammerman 

Now that  many of us are spending so much time in our homes, social media has become flooded with creative, Pinterest-worthy photos of plant-filled home offices and living spaces. But what are the top tricks and benefits to creating your own, personal jungle? For starters, having indoor plants has been proven to help reduce air pollutants, stress and potential toxins in your home. They’ve also been shown to help boost creativity and productivity up to 15 percent.

Interested in cultivating your green thumb? Check out these top tips for promoting self-care with plants in your very own home.


Now more than ever, many of us are trying to create healthy, happy spaces that we can enjoy spending extra time in. Having indoor plants not only amplifies the visual appeal of your home, but can also help to remove toxins and carbon dioxide. Try these plants to help improve your environment.

  • Snake Plant: This slow-growing toxin remover is a great addition for any houseplant newbie. Requiring minimal light and little water, you’ll be able to love this one for years to come. 
  • Aloe Vera: From the succulent family, this carbon dioxide converter requires little water but does enjoy a lot of indirect sunlight. Not only does it produce a good amount of oxygen for your home, you can use it on sunburns too.
  • Spider Plant: The spider plant is known to reduce pollutants and pump out oxygen. While they are exceedingly easy to care for, they do prefer bright light. 


Feeling a little unmotivated? Incorporating plants into your work area has been shown to give your brain a boost! Try adding these plants to help increase concentration and create a calming environment that produces a positive workspace. 

  • Rosemary: Increasing your focus, this plant needs bright sunlight and consistent watering. Place it near a window and take in the herbaceous scent to increase your concentration. 
  • Philodendron: This easygoing addition to your workspace can thrive in either low or bright light with consistent waterings. Helping to soften the edges of any angular office, try putting this plant up on a shelf and enjoy feeling more at ease and ready to work. 
  • Parlor Palm: Not really feeling like working today? If you have ample space in your home office, this large potted palm can help give you a boost of creativity and fresh air. It even made NASA’s list of best plants to have in your home! 


The practice of taking care of ourselves as well as something else can help to boost your mood, reduce stress and create a feeling of contentment. Especially now, our environment can play a huge role in our self-care journey and feelings of happiness. Try out these plants to help clear your mind and bring you some peace.

  • Lavender: Long known to help ease tensions and stress, this calming herb loves to be in small places. This aromatherapeutic plant is sure to lull you into a state of blissful relaxation. 
  • Lily of the Valley: This not fussy, drought tolerant plant has been known to boost moods simply with it’s fragrance. Try putting a small potted lily of the valley in your living room to create a positive environment. 
  • Valerian: The slumber inducing valerian loves sun and regular waterings. This useful plant is perfect for bedrooms as it’s known to help banish insomnia and help you get some much needed sleep. 


Self-care isn’t just keeping fit and eating a nutritious diet, it’s also about taking into account your environment and its impacts on your physical and emotional health. Incorporating the right plant(s) into your space can have positive, healthful impacts. Try bringing some of these houseplants home today and watch your life bloom! 

All photos courtesy of @cozy.happy.home


About the Author:
Georgia native Tiffany Ammerman is the thru-hiker and CrossFitter behind the travel blog The Goodish Traveler. She spends the majority of her time traveling, eating sushi and searching for hiking trails. When she’s not blogging, Ammerman can be found training at CrossFit LaGrange and teaching art to kids.

You can follow her adventures on Instagram: @the_goodish_traveler or her website:


> > > Stay well.