LifeAID Beverage Company makes a variety of supplements that provide targeted health benefits. The company recently launched a “2 Free Cans” offer online. Find out what the catch is today in our review.

What is LifeAID Beverage Company?

LifeAID Beverage Company can be found online at The company currently offers 7 different beverages, each of which targets specific health benefits.

LifeAID offers a FitAID fuel pouch supplement, for example, that comes packed with protein and BCAAs. There’s also a TravelAID supplement to boost your immune system or a FocusAID supplement to boost your focus at work.

The company describes itself as “the leading manufacturer of premium, healthy, and convenient nutritional products for active lifestyles.”

LifeAID recently made the list of Inc. 500’s fastest growing companies. They’re based in Santa Cruz, California and launched in 2011.

What is the 2 Free Cans Offer?

You’re probably hearing about LifeAID today because you’ve seen the “2 Free Cans” offer advertised online.

When you visit the official LifeAID website today, you’ll see a pop-up directing you to buy 2 Free Cans today. All you need to do is pay shipping, and the cans will be delivered to your address.

Shipping prices vary depending on your offer. When you first click the offer, you’ll be asked to pay $5.70 in shipping for two cans. However, if you wait for the timer on the sales page to count down to 0, that shipping cost gets reduced all the way to $0.99.

You can choose any two LifeAID products for the free offer (except for LifeAID, which isn’t listed). You pick your cans, go to the sales page, enter your credit card information, and wait for the two cans to show up at your door.

Obviously, if you’ve been on the internet for more than a week, then you’re probably wondering: what’s the catch?

Here’s the weird thing: as far as we can tell, there is no catch. We went through the entire ordering form. The secure ordering form accepts payment with credit card, PayPal, or Amazon. Your payment method is charged $0.99 (or $5.70, depending your offer), and the cans are on their way to your address.

We even read through the terms and conditions to see if there was some hidden charges or fees. There weren’t.

Unlike other “free” offers you see online, LifeAID doesn’t force you to sign up to an autoship program. It doesn’t charge your credit card hidden fees, or start shipping you 24 packs of LifeAID products just because you ordered 2 free cans.

It ships you two free cans of LifeAID in the hopes that you’ll become a long-term customer. That’s it.

LifeAID Beverages

LifeAID currently offers seven different beverages, including all of the following:

-FitAID Fuel:

This fuel pouch is designed to be used at the gym or for on-the-go nutrition. The flavor is described as “tangy apple sweet potato”. All ingredients are paleo-friendly. Each serving contains 12g of grass-fed whey, 2,000mg of BCAAs, and 16g of organic carbs.


FitAID describes itself as “the premier recovery supplement for your active lifestyle”. To help you recover, it contains ingredients like glutamine, glucosamine, turmeric, quercetin, potassium, magnesium, and B vitamins. Most of these ingredients are delivered at a dose that’s equal to, or above, 100% of your recommended daily value. In other words, taking one can delivers most of the ingredients your body needs on a daily basis.


FocusAID claims to boost your focus and mental clarity using ingredients like alpha GPC, Rhodiola rosea, acetyl-l-carnitine, ginseng, yerba matte, green tea, vitamins C, and D, and B vitamins. As you can see, FocusAID contains a variety of trendy nootropics. Just like with other LifeAID supplements, these ingredients are delivered at a surprisingly strong dose. All of the vitamins and nutrients (except for magnesium and vitamin C) are delivered at 100% of your recommended daily value (the vitamin C dose is 421% of your DV, while the magnesium dose is 63% DV).


LifeAID is the company’s signature drink. It’s designed to be taken daily to support your health and fill in the gaps in your poor diet. Key ingredients include healthy herbs like rosemary, turmeric, ginger, oregano, and cayenne, all of which help balance your body’s natural inflammation response. There’s also B vitamins, vitamin C, and magnesium to support your overall health and nutrient balance.


PartyAID is designed to get your weekend going – and keep it going. The formula incudes ingredients that “help you feel good when you are out having a great time”, then help you recover the next day. Key ingredients include 5-HTP to replenish your serotonin levels and milk thistle to support your liver health. Again, there’s a strong dose of most ingredients, including more than 100% of your daily value of most vitamins and nutrients.


TravelAID is an immune-boosting supplement you can take while traveling – or just if you need to boost your body’s defenses during cold season. TravelAID helps you boost your immune system and calm your nerves using ingredients like zinc, vitamins A, C, and D, chamomile, ginger root, and Echinacea.


GolferAID is a supplement aimed at improving your golf game. The supplement includes BCAAs, glucosamine, turmeric, and MSM to keep your joints feeling good throughout the game. There’s also Siberian Ginseng and CoQ10 to improve your focus, while the B vitamins help keep your energy levels up. LifeAID describes it as “the educated golfers [sic] supplement product of choice”. They recommend drinking it 15 minutes before you tee off.

One thing we really appreciate with LifeAID is their transparency with their ingredients and research. The company has published its full list of ingredients online. They also list the accompanying research that supports their various health claims. This may seem straightforward, but it’s a step that a lot of supplement manufacturers ignore.

The company also makes a big deal out of the fact that it uses no artificial sweeteners. Like many other companies that make this promise, LifeAID uses stevia as a sweetener (along with some sugar; a typical can contains 45 calories in total)

LifeAID Pricing

LifeAID supplements are available online through the official website at, where you can only buy them in packs of 24 (unless you sign up for the 2 free cans offer listed above). You can also purchase a 12 pack through Amazon. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

FitAID Fuel 24 Pack: $69.99 ($2.91 per pouch)
FitAID 24 Pack: $59.76 ($2.49 per can)
FocusAID 24 Pack: $59.76 ($2.49 per can)
LifeAID 24 Pack: $59.90 ($2.50 per can)
PartyAID 24 Pack: $59.76 ($2.49 per can)
TravelAID 24 Pack: $59.76 ($2.49 per can)
GolferAID 24 Pack: $59.76 ($2.49 per can)
LifeAID is not currently listed for sale online through the official website. However, it is available for sale through Amazon. It’s the company’s original beverage.

When you purchase 2 x 24 packs at a time, you get free shipping when ordered through the official website. Amazon also has a variety of bundle offers and deals you can enjoy.

Some reviewers online also indicate that their gym sells LifeAID beverages.

What Do Customers Have to Say About LifeAID?

LifeAID beverages are generally well-reviewed. On Amazon, the beverages have a current rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, with a total of 136 reviews posted at the time of writing. The vast majority of those reviews (81%) were 5 stars. Here are some of the pros and cons reviewers mentioned:


Great for pre and post-workouts
Gives me the right amount of energy without being overwhelming
Shipping is free when ordering two cases at a time
Excellent focus
Crisp, clean, and refreshing taste
Natural ingredients with no artificial sweeteners (stevia is used for sweetening)

Not all reviewers like the taste. One reviewer said he has to “chug it just to be able to finish a can”
Overall, LifeAID supplements are very well-reviewed online, with most customers reporting that they enjoyed the taste, appreciated the natural ingredients, and enjoyed the targeted effects – whether they were focus-boosting, energy-boosting, or recovery-boosting effects.

About LifeAID

LifeAID Beverage Company is a health supplement manufacturer listed on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing companies. The company’s products, according to their LinkedIn page, “represent a far superior alternative to sodas, energy drinks, sports drinks, and even traditional health drinks.”

The company is based in Santa Cruz, California and was founded in 2011. The two co-founders, Aaron Hinde and Orion Melehan, first met each other at a CrossFit studio in Santa Cruz. Orion was a Certified Financial Planner while Aaron was a chiropractor who worked with local athletes. The friendship turned into a business partnership, and the rest is history.

LifeAID Review Summary

LifeAID is a well-reviewed beverage company that offers a wide range of supplements for athletes, golfers, office workers, students, and partiers. Each can of LifeAID contains 45 calories and has no artificial sweeteners. The beverages also contain surprisingly strong dosages of their active ingredients – which is something we don’t always see with other beverage companies.

Overall, LifeAID is one beverage company that can help you enjoy targeted health benefits in many different ways.