"Titan CrossFit loves FITAID! We purchased the 10-case promotional deal which included a FREE fridge. After only 45 days, we are reordering! Many of our athletes miss the carbonation of a soft drink, FITAID fills that void and tastes great. Not to mention it is loaded with great supplements. The only problem is I keep drinking the profit! One request: Can you start making a “SnatchAid,” 'cause I sure could use the help!"

—Nick Zawmon, Titan CrossFit, Maryland

"FITAID is a great product and tastes great. Our athletes especially have liked FITAID on hot days as it contains great supplements and is only lightly carbonated, which means no bloated feeling like with other carbonated drinks."

—C. Ryan Bucher, Open Country CrossFit, Ohio

"FITAID is becoming so popular in the gym that people actually put money down to have a running tab for FITAID. All of the trainers love it as well and it is a staple after a hard workout! Excited to get in the next shipment as we have members worried that we will run out before it gets here, that is how popular it is. Thanks for the great customer service!"

—Julie Payton & Cory Letts, owners of CrossFit North Star, California

"Having FITAID available to our members before or after a WOD, cold out of our FITAID refrigerator, shows good member services and great profits for our business. Our members like the taste of FITAID and the Paleo-friendly vitamin and energy boosters to help in recovery. We sell an average of 9 cases a month without any extra effort on our part and provide a great healthy drink to our members. The people at FITAID have been amazing to work with and their customer service is professional, fast, and accommodating. Get a FITAID refrigerator and pack it with cold FITAID for your members. They will thank you, and you will see a nice profit for your business."

—Troy and Melanie Miller, CrossFit ReadyCalifornia

"We at CrossFit Amplify love FITAID! It has become one of Amplify’s go to for recovery supplements! We’ll continue to have our FITAID Refrigerator stock for our members and coaches!"

—Mike Viall and Scott Todnem, co-owners of CrossFit AmplifyIllinois

"We have been carrying FITAID at our box for a few months now, and we couldn’t be happier with this product. Our members love how it tastes and how they feel after drinking it! Customer service has also been awesome. The FITAID fridge is the perfect addition to our retail area and thank you again for donating some cans to our charity event that we hosted!!"

—Chad, CrossFit Boom TownNew York

 "Here at CrossFit DTW we love FITAID. We have some that drink them for a pre-workout and some for a post. We love that little edge it gives you. It is one of the best sellers here, they go just as fast as the water!! Also they taste great so I sometimes grab them on a rest day too! Thanks so much for a great product!"

Brogan Walters, CrossFit DTW, Colorado

Image result for crossfit dtw

"FITAID has been awesome for us here at FarmBoy. We love being able to carry a product that not only helps aid in recovery from WODs, immune health and Heart health, but also is great tasting. FITAID is the first thing people reach for at our Box. People absolutely love it! It is by far the single quickest moving drink/ supplement in our Box. My wife and I love the opportunity to carry such a great product that our athletes love and also make money in doing so. It is the best of both worlds. We are happy and they are happy!"

—Brian Baker, CrossFit Farm Boy, Colorado

"We brought FITAID on about a year ago and we really love what it has brought to our gym. We love that it is Paleo-friendly and its supplement profile. We have consistently sold through about 15-20 cases a month and don’t see it slowing down. Our members love it, our staff loves and I love it. Thanks for the awesome product!"

Narine KadekianCrossFit Scotts Valley, California

"We love FITAID! Ever since we began carrying FITAID, we have had a continuous stream of sales. The FITAID mini fridge is a great way to display the product and makes it very easy to sell. Our members love the convenience of having a cold FITAID before or after a tough workout. Throw in the great taste, the athlete specific nutritional supplements, and you have a winning product to offer your members."

—Holly Valentine, CrossFit Vacaville North, California

"Simply put, I bought 10 cases and I only have one left! They have been both a nice pre-WOD pick-me-up as well as a nice post-WOD chaser! I have to say I love the taste after a tough WOD! FITAID has been a welcome addition to CrossFit Great Barrington!"

—Mike Bissaillon, CrossFit Great Barrington, Massachusetts 

"I’m part owner of a CrossFit gym and we have been selling FITAID for just under a year. We are a smaller gym (less than 100 members) but have had a wonderful response in regards to FITAID. Our members love that it’s a clean drink (a lot of our members eat Paleo or Zone), that there’s no HFCS, that the taste is great and so is the mild carbonation, and I don’t know what it is but FITAID tastes the BEST after a REALLY tough workout!! I’d say we go thru about 10 cases every 2-3 months. We’ve tried other supplement drinks but overall they just don’t compare to all the goodness FITAID packs. FITAID for life!!!"

—Michelle Gallagher, Jefferson State CrossFit, California 

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