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Leading recovery drink brand LIFEAID Beverage Co.® offers event attendees competitive mobile entertainment experience with Spartan Search

North Lake Tahoe, CA -- September 12, 2019 -- No one will be stuck on the sidelines this year at the Spartan World Championship powered by Rakuten, thanks to a new Augmented Reality (AR) mobile app developed by Transmira for FITAID specifically for the event on September 28-29, 2019. The Spartan Search app will propel participants on an AR adventure, hunting virtual FITAID and Spartan memorabilia as well as completing virtual obstacles throughout the Squaw Valley. And there’s immediate gratification: prizes can be redeemed by participating players at the FITAID booth throughout the course of the event. Now everybody will be drinking the nectar of Spartans with just the tap of a button.

Spartan devotees are no strangers to FITAID, the LIFEAID Beverage Co. brand’s go-to recovery drink for racers since 2016. Close to 15,000 people will be attending this year’s pinnacle event, including enthusiastic spectators. FITAID commissioned the app to help bring those attendees “into the race” with an interactive platform that requires “just as much brain power but only a phone and your fingers to enjoy,” says the brand.

“FITAID is more than a recovery drink, it’s also part of a mindset. We expect engagement to be at an all-time high this year with the use of the Spartan Search app. By creating a fun and interactive activity designed for every attendee, we’re spreading the energy and spirit of Spartan’s competitive but always positive message,” says Emily Sommariva, CMO of LIFEAID Beverage Co.

In addition to traditional event activities, the cutting-edge technology found in Spartan Search is bound to amp up excitement across Spartan grounds. Suitable for all fitness levels, the app will show a map with locations where virtual objects and obstacles are temporarily hidden. AR adventurers will need to seek out and collect the objects in the app on their smartphones. Spartan Search will get Spartan fans exploring the surrounding community outside the Spartan festival as well, creating more buzz and business within the local community. A variety of prizes from a can of FITAID to a $2,500 Visa® gift card can be won depending on which objects are discovered and collected for redemption.

“This is the first time that AR engagement marketing goes beyond novelty ‘scan and see’ interactivity, by linking branded 3D objects directly to real-world products and goods” says Robert Rice, CEO of Transmira. “Our patent-pending technology for the Omniscape™ platform makes it easy for brands to multiply reach, revenue and retention like never before, placing collectible virtual goods anywhere in the world.”

This year, whether a Spartan has just completed the intense obstacle course spanning the Sierra Nevadas or has been on their feet all day acutely focused on the AR adventure, everyone will be flocking to the FITAID booth for a cold can of clean recovery. With more cans in hands, FITAID and many new fans will roar, “AROO!”

The AR experience is available for a limited time only. The Spartan Search app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and is free to download from the App Store (Spartan World Championship Spectator tickets required). The AR experience begins on Friday, September 27 at 10am (PST) and players must finish their adventure at the FITAID booth by 2pm (PST) on Sunday, September 29. 

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