Managing Time and Setting Expectations with Marcus Filly

It may feel like a lot of things aren’t within our control right now, however, we absolutely have control over how we spend our time. Former competitive CrossFit Athlete turned functional bodybuilding coach, Marcus Filly talks about his strategies in time management and how to set expectations on this episode of the Active Life podcast.

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A Changing Gut Microbiome May Predict How Well You Age

In a new study in the Journal of Nature Medicine, the constantly changing and diversifying of your gut microbiome is a sign of healthy aging. How and what you eat plays a big role in this, because certain foods (mostly processed foods) can kill off some microbiomes. I talk about gut health a lot, specifically the negative effects of Sucralose to your gut microbiome which is  why we do not use Sucralose in any of our products.

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"A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well."

—Jeff Bezos

11 Lessons for Entrepreneurs From Jeff Bezos's Tremendous Success

At the core of Amazon’s success is it’s focus on delivering an excellent customer experience. As Jeff Bezos steps away from his CEO role at the company, Inc. lays out 11 lessons that all entrepreneurs can learn from him.

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First, Break All the Rules

Ever since LIFEAID was started 10 years ago, we’ve leaned on some unconventional approaches to building the business and our employees. We have a talented team and it’s always been in our DNA to highlight their strengths and encourage them to always keep growing. This book is a product of a decade’s long management study from the Gallup Organization that debunks some myths and exposes methods of how to get the best out of your employees.

I Want to Build High-Performers

HindeSight  |  No. 58