Summer may be over but that does not mean the flavors of summer went anywhere. LIFEAID’s latest innovation, FITAID Strawberry Lemonade, hit the ground running and racked up $250,000 in sales in its first week. “As our first flavor extension, FITAID Strawberry Lemonade checks off all the boxes for a refreshing finish to a hard workout. Stacked with anti-inflammatory goodness and great taste, this is my new favorite in our roster,” said LIFEAID’s president and co-founder Aaron Hinde. LIFEAID’s other co-founder, Orion Melehan, followed suit with Hinde’s statement, saying “With our latest innovation, we wanted to be both strategic and flavor-forward in what we brought to the market.” 


Ice-cold FITAID Strawberry Lemonade was enjoyed all summer at the finish lines of Spartan Races, during the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games, and ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (which took place in 2021), at USA Weightlifting events. With the winter season upon us, do not hesitate to crack open an ice-cold FITAID Strawberry Lemonade to bring back memories of warmth and sunshine. 


“Cans-in-hands is how we build this business and is an integral component to our brand. FITAID Strawberry Lemonade is our first flavor variation of our most popular blend, FITAID, which is specially formulated for athletic recovery,” says LIFEAID’s chief marketing officer, Emily Sommariva. With 2022 Q1 around the corner, LIFEAID is preparing for some very exciting innovations that are for sure to be in the hands of all consumers, new and old.