Hiking is an outdoor activity where packing less is better. You are naturally going to burn A LOT of calories while on the trails so it is best to pack snacks that will keep you energized on your hike. For the vegan hikers out there, there are plenty of snacks that you can pack in your backpack that are delicious and will keep you fueled up. All these snacks are a good combination of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates that will give you long-lasting energy for your next hike or outdoor adventure. 


  1. Trail Mix 
  2. Vegan Jerky 
  3. Fresh Fruit and Veggies 
  4. Nuts and Seeds 
  5. Chips, Pretzels, Popcorn 
  6. Dried Fruit 
  7. Protein Bars 
  8. Nut and Seed Butter Pouches 
  9. Tortillas and Hummus 
  10. AND of course, FITAID 


These snacks are ideal to keep you energized while hitting the trails, and even better, most can be made at home! Did we miss any? Tag us on Instagram with your favorite vegan snack! @fitaid