Masked up and COVID free, all departments met over the weekend in Santa Cruz, CA at the LIFEAID headquarters to onboard new employees and get in the holiday spirit. As our line of products grows, so does the family of individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make this company what it is today. This was the biggest group for orientation in the 10 years that LIFEAID has been on the shelves. After new employees met and several teammates got to check out headquarters for the first time ever, the LIFEAID family danced the night away Saturday night. Our very own David Stanford joined American Idol finalist James Durbin and treated the team to live music all night! 


While ZOOM calls and emails are how the majority of companies communicate in 2021, this weekend proved the importance of face to face interactions. Something not only us, but many in the world, are missing. With eyes set on 2022 and all of the new and exciting innovations that are coming, 2021 is not over. FITMAS is in full effect and the month of December will be filled with seasonal recipes, giveaways, givebacks, and some surprise sales! So keep your eyes peeled and ears open! 


Together as ONE, WE ARE LIFEAID!