SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Nov. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- FITAID, a leading sports recovery beverage brand, has established a dedicated collegiate athlete program, tailing the long awaited change to NCAA name and likeness policy. The brand, known for its premium, clean, post-workout vitamin blends, will be expanding its athletic endorsements by creating unique opportunities for college athletes to become ambassadors for FITAID through the League4Life program.


As a brand with deep roots in the training, functional fitness and CrossFitâ„¢ space, FITAID has, over the last few years, signed major sports franchise players, including pro-football stars; Derwin James (Safety - LA), Brandon Aiyuk (Wide Receiver - SF), Budda Baker (Safety - AZ), pro-basketball Champion Kevon Looney (Power Forward - SF), and pro-baseball, 2x Golden Glove recipient Joey Gallo (Outfielder - NY).

FITAID details its reasons for founding the new program on three distinct pillars.

FITAID leans into this change with a dedicated fund and resources directly earmarked and developed for college athletes. Working in partnership with multiple athletes, trainers, coaches and sports advisors, FITAID is organizing a panel of experts to help select and support top-tier student athletes with product and the potential for financial and advisory support.

"What you put in your body directly affects how you show up at home, on the field and in the world. The nation's best collegiate athletes deserve better," says LIFEAID Beverage Co. co-founder and president, Aaron Hinde. "Just as brands like Body Armour have disrupted the 1960s sports drinks industry, we are ready to step up the evolution of athletic recovery, starting with student athletes."

The submission form, accessible at will allow student athletes to apply for their chance to become a Team FITAID representative. Credentials for deals are vetted by weighing the alignment for the brand and athlete, as well as geography, area of influence, and demonstrated representation of company values.

In tandem with addressing the archaic systems of compensation, FITAID couples this challenge of rethinking with a call to action for changing the way athletes are thinking about what they are putting into their bodies. FITAID's sports recovery blend includes BCAAs, Electrolytes, Glucosamine, and CoQ10. It is naturally sweetened, vegan, non-gmo and gluten-free, with no artificial flavors or sodium.

Submissions to will be open and on-going. Members of the Sports Advisory Council will include agents at several top professional athlete firms, current and former professional athletes, and several other thrilling additions to be announced.


With a focus on great tasting, wellness enhancing and performance driven supplement products, LIFEAID Beverage Co. has become a trusted brand among athletes, health-conscience consumers. Located in Santa Cruz, California, LIFEAID offers a range of premium beverages including both ready-to-drink and powdered mix blends: FITAID, the brand's Sports Recovery product has redefined the athletic beverage category since 2011.