YAY! Those two pink lines have arrived, and you are so excited and anxious about the journey ahead. You start planning how to announce your pregnancy to your family and friends, start thinking about names, and then out of nowhere - all of those dreaded first trimester symptoms hit. With my first pregnancy, I was exactly 6 weeks when I got hit with my first wave of nausea - and to be honest, I was excited! I couldn’t believe I had life (well, lives, since it was twins) growing inside me, and the nausea felt like some reassurance that we were indeed pregnant. Within a week, I no longer was excited by the constant fatigue and nausea, and couldn’t wait for it to be over. Thankfully as many had told me - when the second trimester started, my symptoms eased up, and life got a little easier again.

When we got pregnant with our third baby earlier this year, I was prepared for that wave of gnarly pregnancy symptoms. What I was NOT prepared for, was just how soon they would start this time, and how much stronger they would be! I was getting sick right at the start of the 4-week mark, and I knew I was going to be in for a ride that first trimester.

Luckily - I felt like I had learned some tips and tricks that first time around, and really got to apply them this pregnancy. While there is nothing that’s going to magically make the nausea and fatigue disappear, there certainly are things that can help you feel just a bit more energized and like your normal self. Take a look at my 5 tips on surviving the first trimester of pregnancy! 

1. Find a balance between movement and rest.

During my first pregnancy, I was so determined to keep my 5x/week workouts. Looking back, I wish I had been more easy on myself! I was exhausted, but I wanted to have a “fit pregnancy” and was so paranoid that I was going to get lazy and let myself go if I immediately started skipping workouts the minute I found out I was pregnant. However, I have also found that getting some light movement in DOES help with the fatigue and nausea. For me, this pregnancy - it has been all about finding balance. Lots of days, it means rest, other days, it may mean some strength training and cardio. And other days, it may mean a walk, riding the stationary bike, or doing some yard work! Movement doesn’t have to be defined as a 60 minute, high intensity workout class. It’s listening to your body, tuning in to what it needs THAT day, and honoring that.

2. Get dressed.

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I learned this while working from home as well, but getting up, showering, and changing out of PJs can absolutely change your perspective on the day. On so many of the days where I was super nauseous and sick - that hot shower and fresh clothes felt like just the reset I needed.

3. Drink lots of water.

This is definitely a major point not to skip, especially if you’re regularly throwing up during the first trimester. It is so easy to get dehydrated, and more than ever, your body needs that water. While pregnant and nauseous I definitely got sick of “drinking my water” (especially just to throw it up), but I tried to find creative ways to make it more appealing. Carbonated water, adding cut-up fruit, drinking warm decaf teas, electrolyte drinks, etc, made staying hydrated much easier.

4. Finding safe foods and keeping them handy.

Both pregnancies, my first-trimester food aversions were INTENSE. Paired with the extreme nausea, it was so hard to find “safe” things to eat. Once I started to find some things that sounded okay and that I could actually keep down (lots of carbs - bagels, toast, crackers, etc), I made sure to stock up! Remember, the first trimester won’t last forever. Do what you can to make it easier on yourself, even if it is not the way you would normally eat or live. I am typically not a big bagel eater… but in the first trimester, I had at least one, if not two, bagels a day. If I knew I was going to be away from the house for a while, I made sure to pack some crackers or granola bars (another “safe food” for me), and of course lots of water, to help keep me feeling balanced while out. I made sure to keep a stash of the less perishable items near my bed (for when that morning sickness hit before even really getting up for the day), in my purse, in my car, and in my kids’ playroom. 

5. Give yourself grace.

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Growing a human is hard work! Learning to listen to your body’s cues and giving it what it needs can help turn your day around. Maybe it's getting outside for some sunshine and fresh air, or maybe it’s sneaking in a nap when possible. It may be getting a workout in, or it may be just decompressing in the shower before cuddling up in a soft blanket to binge watch your favorite show. Give yourself grace if you are living differently than you “normally” would - that's what you SHOULD be doing. Life is changing (in a miraculous way) and adapting to the constant flow of newness you’ll be experiencing in the coming months and years will become one of your new superpowers. It starts now! So take care of yourself and that growing peanut, and give yourself grace in this completely new season you have just entered.

What other things helped you feel a bit more like “you” during your first trimester? I’d love for you to share below!