Empire Podcast - Build a Powerful Existence

There are no shortcuts, it's all about the long game. Every day you have a choice of what you put in your body, directly resulting in how you show up in the world. Check out this interview I did with Bedros Keuilian to hear more about LIFEAID, how to avoid the "victim" role and recognize your own power.

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How Exercise Affects your Appetite

Does exercising regularly make us hungrier or does it help curb our appetites? The answer - Both. This article is an interesting read, discussing research on the relationship between burning calories and consuming them.

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“Wherever you are, be all there."

- Jim Elliot

Mentor Nation - Chase your Impossible Dream

Last month, I sat down with John Abbas, host of the Mentor Nation Podcast, to discuss how we started LIFEAID with no money and no experience. Listen to find out how being creative gave us our edge to compete with giants like Red Bull and find success in an industry with a 99% failure rate. This is the story of how we chased our impossible dream.

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Are Energy Drinks Really that Bad?

Not all energy drinks are created equal. This article discusses everything you should look out for when purchasing caffeinated drinks, including sweeteners, added coloring and flavoring, and heavy amounts of caffeine. Fortunately, all of LIFEAID’s blends are made with the highest attention to wellness, with natural caffeine from green tea, vitamins, and zero added colors or flavors.


Your Next Five Moves - Master the Art of Business Strategy

This Wallstreet Journal Bestseller by Patrick Bet-David focuses on improving our clarity, so we can better analyze our situation and where we would like to improve. Patrick Bet-David discusses strategies for improvement and growth, as well as how to build the perfect team. Finally, this book offers insight into the power of leverage and its different applications.

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