What came first? You stopped taking care of your brain because you forgot?  OR, you forgot because you stopped taking care of your brain?  You likely forgot because you stopped taking care of your brain, if you ever did in the first place! Since it sits up in our skull in pure blackness, the only time we ever think about our cerebellum is when we have a headache and that’s not good! Case in point, when was the last time you’ve ever heard someone talk about nutrition for your brain?! Why does your brain need vitamins? And…which vitamins are essential for your brain?

Well, we’re going to talk about brain health today as it is literally the main frame of our entire body. If our brain doesn’t function at optimal levels, every part of our body will suffer! Therefore, we’re going to lay out the most important vitamins you need to keep your brain sharp.  Maintaining a healthy brain can improve memory, improve cognition, and mitigate any type of decline normally seen with age.  

Vitamin A & Beta-Carotene

The reason why we always see vitamin A & beta-carotene together is because beta-carotene is the primary precursor to vitamin A; in other words, beta-carotene produces vitamin A.  Regardless, these compounds have been found to act as neuroprotectors as we age and prevent cognitive decline.  Further, long-term supplementation has been found to sustain brain function past the age of 65 in men.  While studies aren’t conclusive about vitamin A improving brain function, if we are just as sharp as we are now when we are 70 years old, we’ll take that. However, the key to using vitamin A to maintain cognition levels is to make it a regular part of your diet for the long-term.  Studies show that this can be done either through your diet or supplementation.

The 8 B Vitamins

While there are a total of 8 B vitamins, all of them play a role in improving brain health.  In fact, some studies have even suggested that a B vitamin complex can be more beneficial than an isolated B vitamin.  Regardless, these powerful vitamins are absolutely essential to optimize your health.  One systematic review (the highest level of authority in scientific studies) found that taking B vitamins improved cognition, memory, and attention.

Vitamin C

Mmmmm….vitamin C.  Maybe the tastiest vitamin there is!  And that’s great because it’s essential to maintain brain health!  Studies have shown that vitamin C can;

Basically, eat your oranges if you want a healthy brain!

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is best known for its properties as an antioxidant.  As many diseases that result in lowering cognition are caused by free radicals, vitamin E’s function as scavenging these free radicals can play a big role in keeping these conditions at bay.  In fact, lower levels of various vitamin E compounds (there are eight total) were found to be associated with cognitive decline in scientific research.  

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Technically not a “vitamin”, but your diet should contain Omega 3’s for a slew of reasons.  It just so happens that maintaining a healthy brain is one of them.  Omega 3 can do this through several mechanisms.  First, eating an adequate amount can help reduce inflammation thus improving brain health.  Secondly, Omega 3 can prevent excessive stress to the brain by keeping your blood pressure in check while also maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol.

 If you haven’t been thinking about the health of your brain, you need to start doing so now.  Not getting these brain vitamins in adequate amounts could be putting your brain health and mental capacity at risk. Losing cognition is not a fun experience and in reality, it can have a drastic effect on our quality of life and even relationships.  What makes this even more troublesome is that brain health is actually very simple!  Being sure to consume the vitamins that are essential for your brain listed above is literally all it takes. To ensure you maintain your Einstein-esqe levels of intelligence, check areas of your diet which could use some tweaking or opt for a quality vitamin.  (could link a product here)  Preferably you can get the bulk from your food but adding some supplements can ensure that you truly get what you need. Check out the ingredients in our products, too, we bundled them all together in a can for you 😉