What is our secret to success? What do all winning teams and industry-dominating companies have in common? A strong set of shared values that each member of the team upholds day in and day out. The LIFEAID Team is proud to stand by our core values. We’re excited to share them with you! 

  1. Create the most fun, healthy, holistic & fulfilling work environment in Santa Cruz (we think we’ve got this one down. Just a quick walk to the beach to get into that Flow state)
  2. Grow deliberately, sustainably & consistently; create long term value for our customers & stakeholders (all of you & all of us)
  3. Be curious, ask questions, communicate & adopt a growth mindset (always ask questions, approach new situations with open arms and an open mind)
  4. Everyone is an owner, approach your work as such (it really takes teamwork to make the dream work!)
  5. Work hard, Play hard; have fun doing both (the exact reasoning for FOCUSAID & PARTYAID) 
  6. Create raving fans- of our team members, customers, suppliers & community (check, check, and check)
  7. Be solutions oriented, not problem focused (obstacles are really challenging opportunities for growth!)
  8. Do more with less (think Macgyver here, yes the Tv show from the 80’s)
  9. Strive for continuous improvement instead of perfection (everyday is a new opportunity to level up your game)
  10. Always play the long game (all great things take time, energy, love, blood, sweat, tears)

What are your core values? Crack open a can of FOCUSAID, tap into that flow state and start crafting your list.

Take a look and find out what and who LIFEAID is for! >  https://youtu.be/P9OJImhdUe8