Yoga is gaining more and more popularity as time passes. More people from all across the world are making yoga an important part of their daily routine. This is due to various reasons, including its physical and mental health benefits. It is true that yogis have a different lifestyle, including unique perspectives, routines, and diet. Let’s learn about the diet staples of a yogi and the foods that keep your body nourished and your brain clear. 

People who regularly practice yoga tend to stay healthier and lead a better-quality life. They see things from a unique perspective and have a more focused brain and fitter body. But did you know that most yoga practitioners or yogis also follow a certain yogic diet? After all, their healthy lifestyle is not just the result of stretching. Let’s see what a yogic diet is.

The Philosophy of Yogic Diet

For yogis, taking care of their health is very important, which explains why they are considerate about what they eat and what they put into their body. While yoga teaches you freedom, there is a focus on knowing the truth and making informed decisions. This is no exception when it comes to food or diet.

Yoga enthusiasts firmly believe in eating healthy and rejecting food items that may be harmful to the body or mind. While there is no certain yogic diet that all yogis follow, they most definitely make adjustments to follow the philosophy of Ayurveda. Ayurveda refers to an old healing system that dates back to 5000 BC.

For yogis, eating healthy is as important as determining good yoga postures. Many people misunderstand a yogic diet as a diet that helps you lose weight and look good. However, a yogic diet is all about choosing foods that can speed up healing and create a healthy balance between your mind and body.

Not to mention, yogic diet plans ensure that your food meets your body’s nutritional needs rather than just filling up your stomach. It should align with your yoga beliefs and nourish your body and mind.

What Do Yogis Eat?

As we mentioned earlier, most yogis follow the Ayurvedic philosophy when it comes to choosing a diet plan. In Ayurveda, there are mainly three categories called Sattva, Raja, and Tama.

Easy Guidelines You Can Follow to Eat Like a Yogi

Sattvic foods are the most popular choice of most yoga practitioners. However, they also prefer whole, unprocessed, and fresh foods over genetically engineered, and processed ones. Below are guidelines that can make you easy to follow a yogic diet along with your daily yoga practice:

Are you practicing to become a yogi? Let us know the staples in your diet and the foods you consume to fuel your body and mind!