If you want to take yoga seriously and make it an integral part of your daily routine, it is important to know when to practice it throughout the day. A common rumor is that you need to practice yoga at sunrise. However, there is no right or wrong time for yoga. No time is a bad time to do yoga while relaxing your mind and body. But, having a set time for your daily yoga can help.

You can practice yoga right after opening your eyes every day or before going to bed at night. In any case, you are bound to feel good, strong, and happy from head to toe. Both morning and evening yoga offer numerous benefits, but it is important to choose a suitable time for your lifestyle. Incorporating yoga into your routine is important, regardless of the time of day. What’s best for you is the best time! 

While you can most certainly do yoga at any time of the day, the two common yoga routines include morning and evening yoga.

Morning Yoga

Many people prefer yoga in the morning to start their day with positivity. It is a good way of kick-starting your day with some amazing mental and physical health benefits. Practicing yoga can relieve aches and stiffness in the body, increasing flexibility and promoting better physical endurance.

This practice prepares your body for any physical challenges you may face during the day. Yoga can also help maintain your sugar levels throughout the day by enhancing digestion, as it boosts metabolism.

Furthermore, yoga also has numerous benefits for the mind and soul. For instance, it can support a calm and stress-free mood by increasing the production of feel-good chemicals called endorphins. Meanwhile, it reduces stress and other symptoms of psychological disorders by elevating levels of GABA in the brain. What else? It reduces the activity of the brain's limbic system, so you remain calm and can give a tempered response even in stressful conditions. So, morning yoga ensures that you experience a healthy mental state throughout your day.

Another benefit of practicing yoga in the morning is that it allows you to spend some alone time and connect with your inner self. While morning yoga has many benefits, make sure you do it when you feel motivated. It may not be the best time for night owls.

Evening Yoga

If you are not generally a morning person and find it hard to get up early in the morning, evening yoga may be the best choice. It is especially good for late sleepers who feel most energetic in the evening. Evening yoga has its own set of benefits that many yogis worldwide like to enjoy.

Firstly, it is a good time to lay down your mat and practice yoga because your body is relaxed and warm at this time. This allows you to practice all kinds of poses, unlike morning yoga, where your body is stiff and cannot stretch properly. Meanwhile, your evening energy and stamina help you get the most benefits from your daily yoga.

Practicing yoga in the evening is also good for the digestive system and prevents digestive orders such as diarrhea or constipation. It helps your body effectively digest the food you consume during the day, so you go to bed feeling light.

Furthermore, evening yoga, also called bedtime yoga, can help you sleep better. It relieves the physical and mental tension of the day and prepares the body for rest. Therefore, evening yoga is also a great choice for insomniacs.

You can practice yoga at any time to feel physically and mentally fit. However, make sure you choose a time according to your lifestyle and body rhythms. Some people also like to do it twice a day, morning and evening. Do you have a favorite time to do yoga? Or a reason it’s the best time for you? Tag us on Instagram and tell us why! @FITAID