Earth day, celebrated every year on April 22nd, is a reminder to protect the environment, restore damaged ecosystems and live a more sustainable life. This year marks the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day. Take a look at what the team members at LIFEAID are in their daily lives to make sure our planet is thriving! 

“Putting food in the fridge in reusable tupperware and NOT plastic bags or plastic wrap. It's a small change and it has reduced my need to buy ziplocs! I also have been MUCH better at bringing in my grocery bags by leaving them in the FRONT seat when I go into the store. When they are in my trunk I always forget to bring them in!” - Emily S. 

“When the conservation society is done replacing the bridge at the cabin this summer they have agreed to supply us with as many trees as I want. I am planning to line the creek that runs through the property with about 20-30 trees. I will never see them fully grown in my lifetime but my kids and their kids will enjoy them.” - Adam F. 

“I am always sure that I never put my recycling in the bin in a garbage bag.  I've heard that they assume it's always trash in a garbage bag and ends up in a landfill.” - Orion M. 

“Eliminate single use plastic. If using / purchasing plastic, make sure it is getting multiple uses and when done, obviously recycle.   If you are an ocean lover and traveled to SE Asia or Mexico, you will see how big of a problem single use plastic actually is and the time is now for us to personally take accountability and do something about it.” - Aaron H. 

“Reusable canteen, glass tupperware vs. plastic wrap, bringing my own basket with me to the store, and giving gently used clothing and toys to other babies in our friend circle.” - Rosemary H. 

“When washing dishes we don't turn on the faucet at full power. A gentle stream is plenty of water to wash and rinse dishes.” - Mike G. 

“When the weather allows, I ride a bike to do errands in the small town where I live. Including grabbing groceries, running to the bank, beer store etc. This is a great way to reduce carbon emissions and reduce wear and tear on things like tires which have a large carbon footprint and are a disaster to dispose of.” - Scott S. 

“Bringing a thermos or any kind of reusable cup in with me whenever I go to a coffee shop has become second nature - most coffee shops allow you to bring in your own cup to use so you don't have to use the disposable cup they provide.  Another tip I have is to use reusable Q-tips! You can wash them between every use and never have to throw away a Q-tip ever again! Small changes, big impact.” - Lydia D. 

“I always carry a reusable water bottle, I never keep the plastic ones in my house! I donate my clothes I don't wear anymore instead of just trashing them to sit in a landfill. Glass containers for leftovers instead of plastic wrap and ziplocks!  I try to limit paper towel use as well with kitchen towels I can throw in the wash and even recently purchased reusable paper towels to try out (just heard of these lately). I air-dry my laundry in the spring/summer to use less dryer power plus it's better for your clothes!” - Anna L. 

“Instead of using zip lock bags I purchase stasher bags for leftovers, storage of leftover avocado or PB & J on the go.  I also purchase recycle eco friendly trash bags for our trash cans. I purchase Dyper diapers for my daughter that are from bamboo viscose and picked up at my doorstep to be properly disposed.  I also purchase as many eco-friendly toys for my daughter as I can to avoid plastic and toxins.” - Ana. L

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