Track Your Sleep to Optimize Your Life

Harpreet Rai, an entrepreneur and the CEO of Oura Ring, shares his insights on how your sleep can affect your well being and everyday life. In this episode he talks about how to improve your sleep through tracking, how sleep improves your focus, mental and physical health and much more.

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The Health Toll of Poor Sleep

Sleep is one of the most frequently discussed health topics, and for good reason. In this article, Jane E. Brody shares why lack of sleep affects the overall way you feel each and every day.

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"Your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep."

- Mesut Barazany

17 Proven Tips on How to Sleep Better at Night

Is your sleep routine consistent? When was the last time you put your phone away BEFORE you got into bed? Check out this article to read about 15 more tips for getting better sleep, so you feel more energized throughout the day.


The Harvard Medical School Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep - Lawrence Epstein, Steven Mardon

A goal is nothing without a plan. While you may be getting enough hours of sleep, if they aren't quality hours, it's easy to find yourself still exhausted come 3pm the next day. In this book, Lawrence Epstein gives a six step plan to helping you master the art of sleep.

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