2x NBA Champion and player for the Golden State Warriors, Kevon Looney was one of five NBA players during the 2021-2022 season to play all 82 NBA games. When it comes to being there for his team, Kevon can be counted on and when it comes to being there for his community, Kevon won’t miss an opportunity. Throughout his NBA career, Kevon has always used his platform to give back to his community. Whether it's his hometown of Milwaukee or his second home in the bay, Kevon has been a prime example of what it means to be dependable on and off the court. 

Every summer, Kevon coordinates with the Running Rebel Community Organization to hold his annual summer camps in Milwaukee. The Running Rebels is a community organization that engages the community, youth, and their families, prevents involvement in gangs, drugs, violence, and the juvenile justice system, intervenes and guides youth by assisting them with making positive choices, and coaches youth through their transition into adulthood. Kevon has been a part of the Running Rebel community since 2nd grade and always makes it a point to dedicate his time with the youth in Milwaukee who look up to him. “I was always taught to give back. Somebody helped me get to where I am at, so I want to help the next generation get to where they want to be. I feel like that is my responsibility and role in the community,” says Looney. 

In the midst of his high school jersey retirement, Kevon again used this opportunity as a chance to give back. With his Warrior teammates coming into town, he knew it would draw a large crowd. While many people would use this as an opportunity to make it all about themselves, Kevon used this as a chance to help the community and a family in need. As the jersey retirement was the happy part of the day, Kevon used this as a chance to raise money for Sandra Parks, a 13-year-old Milwaukee girl killed by a stray bullet. “Hopefully it goes well and we help the family out,” Looney said about the event. 

Being a role model for the next generation has always been important to Kevon. In Oakland, Kevon was the principal for a day at Westlake Middle School. He used this as an opportunity to connect with the youth who watch him play basketball every night on TV. Looney ran in a relay with kids during a P.E. class, sat at a student desk in an 8th grade class during a quiz and made the morning announcements. If there was one message Kevon wanted to leave the kids, it was “Enjoy school. School is a special time in life and make a lot of friends, enjoy these journeys and meeting with people. I had a lot of mentors growing up who helped me get to where I am today and I'll never forget that.