Men’s Journal Best Summer Stuff 2022: FITAID ENERGY!

Saying FITAID ENERGY is a hit, would be an understatement. FITAID ENERGY has knocked the socks of the competition! Our friends over at Men’s Journal would have to agree as well! In their June/July Issue, which hit the shelves 6/10, FITAID ENERGY was included in their “Best Summer Stuff 2022” section of “What We’re Drinking.” 

What we’re drinking: FITAID ENERGY: FITAID ENERGY + Sports Recovery. The performance energy drink for athletes boosted with 200mg of clean caffeine from green tea. Available in 4 electric flavors, it’s naturally sweetened with no sucralose, no aspartame, and no compromises. | @FITAID 

If you haven’t tried FITAID ENERGY, we do not know what you are waiting for! With the official start of Summer around the corner, make sure you load up on all 4 electric flavors of FITAID ENERGY! Whether you will be spending this summer on the beach, barbecuing with the family, or crushing it in the weight room, a can of FITAID ENERGY should not be too far. Head over to and get those fridges stocked with the best energy beverage on the market. Also, be sure to pick up the newest edition of Men’s Journal 6/10. Check out the hard copy anywhere near you that sells magazines or you can access the digital issue of the magazine via the App Store or Apple News.