LIFEAID was featured in VeganCuts Ultimate Vegan Snack Guide as one of the Best Vegan Snacks. On a list of 108 delicious vegan snacks, where guilty pleasures do not have to be that guilty, LIFEAID was listed as one of the best vegan beverages to try! 

LIFEAID has a series of low calorie drinks that contain all the essential vitamins you need to keep your energy levels up. With flavors like Dreamaid, FitAid, FocusAid, and ImmunityAid, there’s a liquid aid for every aspect of life. Shop here

Vegancuts was spot on when they said there is a liquid aid for every aspect of life. Whether you are recovering from a back breaking WOD with a FITAID, bouncing back from a cold with an IMMUNITYAID, or getting focused for a long day of work with a FOCUSAID, LIFEAID has not missed when it comes to offering a beverage that will assist in all aspects of life. And the best part of it all is that all of our beverages are vegan, gluten free, paleo friendly, kosher, and contain no sodium. 

So instead of grabbing that can of soda or high sugar energy drink, get yourself a LIFEAID beverage and make sure it is ice cold! Which blend is your favorite? Tag us on Instagram! @FITAID