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Healthy Habits that Last a Lifetime

Healthy habits are easier to form than you think! With the right mindset and some willpower, anything is possible. In this episode of Feel Better, Live More hosted by Dr Rangan Chatterjee, guest Professor BJ Fogg provides useful information as to how achieving the implementation of healthy habits can affect the way we see ourselves in a positive way.

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Creating Healthy Habits

In this article by NIH, New in Health, the process of creating healthy habits is broken down for us. From the very first step taken, to the mindset you need in order to carry through with the healthy change. Through this process, you might find out a lot about yourself as well as feel a great sense of accomplishment!

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"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."

- Vincent Van Gogh

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How to Build Healthy Habits

This article highlights some really great examples of healthy habits you can implement into your everyday life. Whether it’s drinking more water, taking a walk before dinner every evening, or even doing 5 push-ups a day, starting small can lead to even greater results! 5 push-ups can lead to 50, 1 glass of water can lead to 3, etc.. The possibilities are endless!


Atomic Habits by James Clear

This book written by James Clear is a great read if you need some encouragement to work towards turning over a new leaf. Clear’s guide for starting good habits in entertaining and easy to understand. With true stories from celebrities and athletes, you’ll find yourself more ready than ever to not only start healthy habits of your own, but also learn to break the bad ones.

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