After a weekend of grit, determination, and competition, the FITAID team made the most of their time in Madison. Starting with the chase for The Fittest in the World, FITAID Athletes Gui Malheiros (10th place), Jeff Adler (5th place), Emma Lawson (6th place), Gabi Migala (8th place), and Alexis Johnson’s Team CrossFit Independence (5th place)  all placed top 10 ten in their divisions. One athlete who really put the field on notice was Emma Lawson. She was 4th the youngest athlete to ever qualify for the competition and will continue to be a force to reckon with in the women’s division. 

Off the field, FITAID was present amongst all viewers and fans. From day one to the final day in Madison, FITAID handed out over 1,500 cans, had numerous apparel giveaways, and even had a DJ battle between co-founders, Aaron Hinde and Orion Melehan. If you were following FITAID’s instagram through the weekend, then it felt like you were there in Madison! If not, head over to FITAID’s instagram page and take a look at the weekend recap! We can’t thank our brand fans and supporters for stopping by the FITAID booth and rocking with us all weekend in Madison. We look forward to continuing helping you recover the healthy way and supporting you on your fitness journey. We Are LIFEAID!