Easy Ways to Get More Protein in your Diet

As a busy mom of 3 under 3, it can be tricky to hit all my macros every day, ESPECIALLY when it comes to protein. I just wrapped up my first cut postpartum, and while it actually wasn’t as difficult to tackle as I imagined (shout out PLANNING AND MEAL PREP), I did find myself struggling to get my protein in some days.

While ideally we can hit those numbers from our meals - whether it be through meat, chicken, eggs, beans, whatever - sometimes it’s just impossible when you are busy. Don’t let being busy block those goals though, mama! Here are a few favorite and easy ways that I have relied on over the years to help get more protein in my diet. 

1. Non-fat Greek yogurt

One of my all time FAVORITE foods, cutting or not. Greek yogurt can be dressed up in so many ways - used in breakfast parfaits, sweetened with zero calorie sweeteners (even splash a bit of vanilla in with it too), flavored with a low calorie drink mix (like Crystal Light or some BCAAs), or even used as a swap for sour cream in tacos.

The macros on 0% Greek Yogurt are amazing - the Chobani one I use is 0g F / 6g C / 16g P.

2. Light string cheese

Your girl LOVES cheese. Loves it. Unfortunately, cutting doesn’t always leave a ton of room to indulge on cheese. However - we do love ourselves some string cheese and how macro friendly it can be. This is a great snack that I pack a ton of when we are away from the house for a bit, because between myself and my two toddlers, I know they will get eaten!

Macros always vary quite a bit on these from brand to brand, but lately I’ve been loving the Sargento ones, which also happen to have the best macros I’ve seen! These come in at 2.5g F / 1g C / 5g P.

3. Low-fat cottage cheese

For years, cottage cheese freaked me out. I think it was a texture thing, and I avoided trying it at all costs. And then one day, I took a chance… and I fell in love. This is another dairy product that can totally be made savory or sweet. I am all about adding a little sweetener and eating it with diced fruit! However you choose to enjoy your cottage cheese, it is a great, macro-friendly way to get in more protein.

I like this one from Good Culture - it is 2% milkfat and has some awesome macros at 2.5g F / 3g C / 14g P.

4. Fairlife milk

Sorry, sorry, I know - tons of dairy in this list. Truly though, nonfat or lowfat dairy are great options to get that protein in. My favorite milk is made by Fairlife! Their milks are ultra filtered and have higher protein and lower sugar than standard milks. They are also lactose free - so good news for those sensitive to dairy protein!

When cutting I typically buy their non-fat option, which has the macros 0g F / 6g C / 13g P. It is perfect to pair with some cereal or as the base of a protein shake!

5. Meat bars or sticks

Having a shelf-stable protein source you can easily leave in your gym bag, purse, or diaper bag is something any mom needs. Protein bars can sometimes upset my stomach, so I looked for an alternative option - and this is it! I personally love dried meat bars or meat sticks. These ones from Apex Protein Snacks / Bowmar Nutrition are super satisfying and made from high quality beef. They come in a variety of flavors too, which is a bonus!

The meat bars are 7g F / 0g C / 16g P and the meat sticks are 8g F / 2g C / 10g P.

6. Protein powder

This one comes as no surprise! One of the easiest ways to get some more protein in your diet - a protein powder! Whether you’re interested in going the traditional whey protein route, are looking for something non-dairy (like an egg based protein), or even vegan, there are tons of protein powders on the market to help you meet your individualized needs.

Protein powders don’t need to just be used as a protein shake! I love to mix protein into my oatmeal, my iced coffee, my baked goods (including pancakes and waffles!), or blended up in a smoothie. The options really are endless!

What are your favorite (and easy!) ways to get more protein when life is busy?