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Light And Mental Health: How To Create Big Shifts In Mood, Weight and More With Andy Mant

In this podcast hosted by Stegania Romeo and Katherine Griffiths, they speak with guest Andy Mant - a thought leader in the natural and artificial light space. They discuss the impacts of technology’s blue light on our mental, physical, and hormone health. He shares the ways in which our natural circadian rhythm is disrupted. Your circadian rhythm is the rise and sleep cycle that follows the sun and helps our body to stay balanced and healthy. This disruption can cause stress, anxiety, depression, and even fertility issues. The good news: there are simple things everyone can do right now to course correct and feel better almost immediately.

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The Benefits of Natural Light In The Workplace

Too many office buildings are dark, dull, and windowless. When considering the benefits natural light has on wellbeing, it’s a no-brainer that workers should receive those benefits. Natural light helps maintain your body’s circadian rhythm, which is linked to human’s immune systems. Greater access to daylight may also increase employee productivity and creativity, in turn bettering performance and sales.

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“Light is as fundamental to life as food, water, and air.”

- Inge van de Wouw

Let the Sunshine In

The doctor’s orders might as well include get outside in the fresh air and get some sunlight. In this article, Richard Schiffman discusses how sunlight can be leveraged to combat illness.

Natural light plays a role in the production of Vitamin D, an important regulatory vitamin in our immune systems. Light exposure also has a significant impact on our biological clocks, or circadian rhythms, which can affect the quality of one’s sleep. Getting adequate exposure to natural light can help you lead a healthier and happier life.


The Healing Power of the Sun by Richard Hobday

This book provides scientific research on sunlight therapy and its ability to treat chronic illnesses. It reveals how sunlight can act as a natural disinfectant against bacteria and viruses.

It delves deeper into the impact sunlight has on eyesight, sleep, mental health, and the immune system. The Healing Power of the Sun shows how humans need sunlight for health and well-being and for vitality and happiness.

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