How is Team FITAID staying motivated to kick off 2023? Setting a strong foundation now! Check out their advice on jump-starting your positive routines today.


What's going on FITAID fam- Jevon Holland here.Miami dolphin safety. I know 2022 is coming to an end and 2023 is just around the corner. But don't let 2023 be the time for you to start your goals. Start them right now! Let this be the foundation for 2023 and don't let 2023 creep up on us without you already being prepared for your new and improved self. I hope you guys are enjoying the holidays, and I hope today and every day of the rest of the year here is great for you.

SYDNEY WELLS - Professional CrossFitter
Hey, guys, with the near coming up, I'm sure a lot of you have goals that you set for yourself, and I just want to encourage you to start now! It's a time to set a good foundation for 2023! You got this!

CHASE HOOPER - UFC Featherweight
Hey, what's up you guys! Getting ready to finish out the year here and get some rounds in. Got my FITAID in hand and getting me ready. Don't wait till next year to start getting ahead on your goals. Jump start on them now and, you know, get that foundation set and hop into 2023 with some momentum!

GRANT HOLLOWAY - Olympic Track and Field Athlete

What's going on, everybody? Grant Holloway here, proud FITAID sponsored athlete. Just want to let everybody know Happy New Year! Merry Christmas! All the good stuff in between!

You can finish the year out strong and have a lot of fun. Continue to do what you do best. Do your workout and drink FITAID.