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Book Review of Sacred Cow

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"Sacred Cow" by Diana Rodgers RD is a thought-provoking book that challenges popular misconceptions about meat and its impact on the environment. The book argues that meat can be produced in a way that is not only sustainable but also supports a healthy and diverse ecosystem.


The book begins by exploring the history of meat production and how modern agricultural practices have led to environmental degradation and health problems. Rodgers then delves into the science of meat production and argues that grazing animals can play a critical role in restoring soil health and sequestering carbon.


Rodgers also addresses the ethical considerations of meat production and consumption, arguing that it is possible to produce and consume meat in a way that is humane and supports animal welfare.


In addition to making a compelling case for the benefits of sustainable meat production, "Sacred Cow" provides practical advice for incorporating meat into a healthy and sustainable diet, with recipes and meal plans to help readers get started.


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