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Starting Thursday, Sept. 17, at 3:30 p.m. PT/10:30 p.m. GMT, CrossFit will go live from its studio in California to guide fans through an action-packed weekend of competition. Tune in for live updates on event results on

Niki Brazier and Sean Woodland will keep you informed as scores roll in and standings are released on the CrossFit Games Leaderboard. Guest analysts and hosts from around CrossFit’s global community will join the pair throughout the weekend.

How to Watch Stage 1 of the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games

Recordings of the athletes’ full workouts and additional coverage will be released throughout the weekend.

Follow the live shows on the Games website or through the CrossFit Games Facebook, Games Instagram, or the new CrossFit Games YouTube account to stay up to date on breaking news and competition highlights.

You can also keep up with your favorite Games athletes through their individual Instagram pages.


The 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games will take place in two stages: 1) an online competition in athletes’ home countries from which the top five men and top five women will advance and 2) an in-person finals in California to compete for the titles of Fittest Man and Fittest Woman on Earth.


For the first time, the final stage of the CrossFit Games will begin in CrossFit affiliates around the world. The top 20 women and top 20 men from the Open leaderboard along with the 10 women’s and 10 men’s qualifiers from Sanctionals will compete in a virtual competition beginning Friday, Sept. 18.

Each event can be performed only one time. Once an athlete finishes an event, they may not attempt it again. There are no restarts. The workout must continue to completion once the timer begins.

More than US$500K in prize money is on the line for athletes placing in 20th through sixth place in stage one.

The top five men and top five women will advance to compete in person for up to US$1.3 million, with the Fittest Man on Earth and Fittest Woman on Earth earning US$300K each.

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A list of required equipment has been emailed to the 2020 Games athletes and CrossFit affiliates. Athletes are required to have the following equipment:

Required support equipment:

The wait has been long, but it is almost time for the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games! Keep checking for more information as the competition nears.

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FITAID is a proud partner of the 2020 CrossFit Games. Good luck, athletes!

You can follow along on Instagram for updates on FITAID athletes who are competing this weekend: @fitaid

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February 20-23, 2020

What a weekend!

While athletes crushed WODs in the Miami sunshine & rain, the FITAID booth sampled over 3,000 cans of our LOW-CAL and ZERO SUGAR workout Recovery Blends—FITAID, FITAID ZERO SUGAR, FITAID RX & FITAID RX ZERO SUGAR—as well as the new balancing LIFEAID HEMP Blend.

Meet & Greets over the weekend included top athletes & influencers: Kelsey Kiel, Kenzie Riley, Hannah Eden, Cassidy Lance & Luke Parker

Pictured on podium, left to right: Sara Sigmundsdottir (2nd), Tia-Clair Toomey (1st), Kari Pearce (3rd)

CONGRATULATIONS to FITAID athlete Sara Sigmundsdottir on her 2nd-place finish at WZA 2020, crushing all the events over the weekend!

THANKS to everyone who came out and helped make WZA 2020 a success! We're already looking forward to seeing you next year.
—Your FITAID Team

> > > Live well.

Four days of competition are officially in the books for the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games. The battle has been fought and the Fittest on Earth titles have been claimed. On the women's side, history is made. On the men's side, history is repeated…



For the teams, Mayhem Freedom dominated from start to finish over four days and 9 events, wearing the white leader jersey the entire time and finishing first in the final event. The team officially clinched yet another Affiliate Championship title and bragging rights until next year. CrossFit Krypton takes 2nd place on the podium, and Invictus is your third-place team.



The Aussies took Event 1 wins to kick off the final morning of Games competition, with Tia Toomey and Matt McLeod winning the Swim Paddle event on Lake Monona.

In back-to-back Events 10 & 11, Katrin Davidsdottir knew it was GO time if she wanted a chance at a medal. She went on to win both events and earned herself enough points to sneak into that 3rd-place potential podium spot as the women headed into the final event.

Mat Fraser also took the back-to-back event wins he needed to regain the white leader jersey he’s accustomed to wearing.

The final event of the Games earned Toomey and Fraser Ws, leaving no room for doubt as to who would be leaving Madison with gold medals.

Once again, Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey are your Fittest Man & Woman on Earth.

Fraser earns his fourth championship and joins the likes of Rich Froning as the Fittest Man in History, a four-time back-to-back Games champ. In one of the closest points races yet against Fraser, Noah Olsen put up a good fight for 2nd & BKG finished in 3rd — they will both stand on the podium, painfully close to the four-time champ.

Toomey becomes the first three-time Women’s champion of the CrossFit Games. Kristen Holte & Jamie Greene will join Toomey on the podium in 2nd and 3rd, respectively.




Congratulations to FITAID athletes Anna Tobias in the Masters Women (35-39) Division & Emma Lawson in the Teen Girls (14-15) Division, as they will both be standing on the podium in 1st and 3rd, respectively.

Masters Women (35-39)

Teen Girls (14-15)

Congratulations to all the Individual athletes, Teams, Teens and Masters who competed this weekend at the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin. Until next year...

*Please note: All stats and Leaderboards are based on current standings, may be subject to change.

> > > Live well.

Aug. 3, 2019 by JESSICA DANGER | Morning Chalk Up

Hundreds of fans packed into the FITAID Lounge last night to watch about a dozen athletes take on the One Ton Challenge, an attempt at accumulating 2,000 total pounds over six lifts: back squat, deadlift, bench press, clean, jerk and snatch.

FITAID brought in the legendary C.T. Fletcher to emcee the first-of-its-kind event at the CrossFit Games. “It was fun doing something new…I can’t wait to come back to the Games,” Fletcher told the Morning Chalk Up. “Watching Wes Kitts throwing up big weights that powerlifters struggle with. It was amazing.”

“It’s nice to finally see some heavy barbells getting thrown around,” one fan told us during the event in passing.

Athletes like Wes Kitts, EZ Muhammad, Adrian Conway, Kristin Pope, Morghan King, Katie Cork and Logan Aldridge had 20 minutes to hit their max weight on squat, Bench, Deadlift, Snatch, Clean, and Jerk hoping to accumulate a total weight of 2,000 pounds for men and 1,200 pounds for women, earning themselves a spot in the One Ton Club.

Logan Aldridge | Photo Courtesy of FITAID

Adrian Conway deadlifted 635 pounds for a 30 pound PR, “It was an amazing event and the environment led me to get all six lifts, which really are all PR’s within the last few years. It was absolutely created by the environment and the presence of C.T. Fletcher,” he told the Morning Chalk Up.


Kristin Pope snatched 195 pounds just two weeks after her training was interrupted by a health issue. “I snatched 195lbs in front of literally THOUSANDS of people cheering me on at the CrossFit Games! I’ve never had so much fun throwing around a barbell. Thank you for relighting my fire,” she wrote.

Wes Kitts, who won the men’s division, jerked 425 pounds and squatted 600 pounds while adaptive athlete Logan Aldridge deadlifted 445 pounds and cleaned 255 pounds, a five pound PR for him. Kitts told us in an interview, “I was just having a great time…Just came out to work out with some guys.”

The event was the product of a partnership between Aaron Hinde, Co-Founder and President of FITAID, and Anders Varner, Podcast and Director of Media at the Shrugged Collective.

On being the largest weightlifting event at the CrossFit Games this year, “This event has changed the trajectory of a few careers,” Hinde told Morning Chalk Up.

> > > Live well.




Today kicked off Day 2 of the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games. For the individual men & women, the following three events narrowed the field further from 50 to just 20 athletes in Madison, Wisconsin: 

Teens & Masters competition began with a bang by putting their engines to the test during these three endurance events:

(Teen athlete Emma Lawson on the rower)

(Master's athlete Anna Tobias crossing the finish line)

(Master's athlete Deana Posey on the jump rope)


The Teams were the first to complete the Ruck Run this morning, where JST Compete opened up an early lead that only grew, clinching the event win and earning them 10th place overall. While Mayhem Freedom still sits at the top of the Leaderboard after a second full day of competition.


In Individual competition, Lukas Holgberg locked down the event win for the Ruck Run in Event 2 for the Men with a time of 24:00 even. James Newbury took 2nd. After accidentally dropping one of his weighted bags on the Ruck Run, 3-time champ Mat Fraser (who finished 6th) was assessed a 60-second penalty which pushed him further down the Leaderboard.

For the women, it was a photo finish between Bethany Shadburne and Sara Sigmundsdóttir (pictured above) as they sprinted to get top-10 spots in the Ruck Run event.

Emily Rolfe and Games veteran Noah Ohlsen both took their first-ever event wins at the Games in nail-biting final moments of events where they finished just ahead of defending champs Tia Clair-Toomey and Mat Fraser.

If you blinked, you may have missed the sub-2:00 Individual Event 2 of the day, the “Sprint Couplet,” which ended with a lot of finish-line belly flops as athletes collapsed after their final sled push. Amanda Barnhardt took an impressive event win for the women.

During the final event of the day, the benchmark workout “Mary,” Kari Pearce put some serious pressure on the competition after a run-away event win, completing strict handstand push-ups by choice and unbroken pull-ups. Pearce's 695 reps in 20:00 measures out to 1.72 reps per second!

Now let's take a look at the overall Leaderboard:

In a rare occurrence, all of the Dottirs (other than 10th-place Annie Thorisdottir) are sitting outside of the top 10 after Day 2, with Thuri Helgadottir in 11th, Katrin Davidsdottir in 15th, and Sara Sigmundsdóttir barely sitting above the cut line in 20th.

After his Event 1 time penalty, Mat Fraser currently holds the 2nd place spot overall. Jacob Heppner is in 3rd.

Fan favorite, Ben Smith unfortunately will not advance in the competition as his wildcard ride comes to an end. After 6 events and some top finishes, the 11-time Games veteran will finish 28th overall.

With nearly a decade separating them, only six places stand between 18-year old Haley Adams who sits in 9th and 37-year-old Games veteran Sam Briggs who is in 15th place overall.

Kari Pearce, who is currently in 2nd place overall and Kristin Holte (in 3rd), will be trying to fight to stay in the top-3 with Toomey as we head into Day 3 of competition.

After today's events, Noah Ohlsen and Tia Toomey will wear the white Leader jersey as we head into the weekend. But we're pretty sure Mat Fraser will have something to say about that.






Overall, an exciting Day 2 saw a lot of torn hands, epic wins and Leaderboard upsets. We’re excited to see what the final two days of event competition have in store for us this weekend. Good luck to all the remaining top-20 individual athletes, Teams, Teens & Masters!

*Please note: All final stats and Leaderboards are based on current standings, may be subject to change.

> > > Live well.

After a disappointing injury forced Sara Sigmundsdóttir to withdraw early from last year's CrossFit© Games, in Madison, Wisconsin, fans can finally breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Sigmundsdóttir's first-place finish in the worldwide CrossFit© OPEN last month has unofficially* secured her a spot on the competition floor at the 2019 Reebok CrossFit© Games, where I'm sure redemption will be sweet for the four-time Games athlete.

Following back-to-back 3rd-place finishes at the Games in 2015 & 2016, Sigmundsdóttir finished 4th at the 2017 Games, just shy of a podium spot. Then, her 37th-place finish (due to withdrawing early on in the competition) last year left a bitter taste in her mouth, as her untimely injury instantly crushed her podium dreams.

Now, Sigmundsdóttir (26) looks stronger than ever, promising to give two-time reigning champ Tia Toomey and the rest of the competition a serious run for their money as the "Fittest Woman on Earth."

2019 CROSSFIT OPEN RESULTS: Individual Women

The Icelandic comeback kid sat down with CNN to discuss her painful withdrawal from the 2018 CrossFit© Games competition, stating:
"It was the hardest decision I've ever made."


In the eight-part 2018 FITAID© docuseries PERSEVERANCE, Sigmundsdóttir said, “I needed to get injured to work on my biggest weakness.” #TeamFITAID

FITAID & the entire CrossFit© community wishes a healthy & healed Sigmundsdóttir GOOD LUCK!

With her eyes laser-focused on that podium, she can bet her bag of Haribo gummi bears that we'll be cheering our hearts out for her at the Games. Few athletes deserve a spot atop that podium as much as this persistent badass does.

We are confident this year's CrossFit© Games will have a much happier ending, come August. To quote one of her favorite sayings, "Live long and prosper."


*Official 2019 CrossFit© OPEN results may still be subject to change.

> > > Live well.