Deck the halls with boughs of FITAID! The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, and we're turning up the holiday cheer for our 3rd Annual FITMAS Campaign. This December, we're not elfin' around. We'll be celebrating our FITAID Family by featuring some of the top gyms across the country and running lots of giveaways over on Instagram! If you drank a FITAID in 2023, you're on the nice list, so grab your jingle bells and let's dive into the festive fitness spirit!


Flawless Fitness

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Instagram: @BeFitBeFlawless

We got the chance to speak with Coach Carly to get an inside peek on how Flawless Fitness gets in the spirit. One of their seasonal staples is "WTF Week", a full week of grueling, challenging workouts to kickoff the holidays. Proceeds from "WTF Week" are donated to charity, and Carly's favorite part about this time of year is seeing all of the women come together for community service. It's a special spectacle to see members band together to give back for the greater good.

Fitness and Christmas mean you're bound to run into a classic '12 days of Christmas' workout. If you're not familiar, the reps are performed according to the song (1; 2, 1; 3, 2, 1; ... 12-1). At Flawless, you'll be getting down and dirty with this annual themed workout Christmas Eve! Carly believes: "it's not the holidays without a soul-crushing workout with your friends before you feast!"

The Pit Fitness Ranch

Location: Three Rivers, Michigan
Instagram: @ThePitFitnessRanch

Autumn Yost, owner of The Pit Fitness Ranch loves how excited every body gets about the holiday season, especially in dreary Michigan... it's something to look forward to. On Thanksgiving, they do a hallmark workout dubbed "The Dessert Table" and host a large, community workout on Christmas Eve. Members love to partner up with people they don't usually get to workout with on special occasions. Likewise, Autumn loves the challenge of programming for classes when it's a packed Pit - she has to get creative with bodyweight movements (for equipment and safety purposes, duh!). This has backfired in a 12 days of Christmas workout though... have you ever thought of throwing REVERSE burpees, or candlestick rolls into the mix? Regardless, Autumn feels it's not the holiday's without family.

She also had some words of wisdom for everyone during the busiest time of the year. Autumn's best tip is to simply "enjoy the holidays with your family. Eat the food. Have a good time. Don't beat yourself up. Definitely just relax and indulge. Don't make a big deal about macros and protein - you'll get back to your fitness and your normal nutrition as soon as possible."



Natural Selection CrossFit

Location: Kennewick, WA
Instagram: @NSXFit

Natural Selection CrossFit sets out to be Santa's biggest helpers each lap around the calendar. Owner and head coach, Leo Barillas, took the time to share the gym's charitable efforts. Each year, they help out Habitat for Humanity to sponsor families and deliver Christmas gifts. In past years, they have helped build homes for those in need as well.

Leo feels Christmas is the most fun part of the year and takes pride in designing unique 12 Day's of Christmas workouts for his members. One year, they completed a rendition in which EVERY movement required a barbell. He might be the grinch that stole your grip, but here's his best holiday tip: "just spend time with family and relax... it's not the holidays without family and friends."




Halo Fitness Inc.

Location: Burke, Virginia
Instagram: @HaloFitnessExperience

Every year, Coach Dan looks forward to how the gym rallies together. They host a big Friendsgiving dinner party to raise awareness for a select charity like clockwork. The tradition of giving back to an organization each year has become a core value of Halo's. Dan likes to find special and unique ways to ring in the holidays. One December, they programmed a '21 days of Christmas' workout regimen leading up to the 25th (each workout was based off the day in the countdown).

Dan preaches the 3 R's during the holiday season: relax, rest, recover. People get so caught up in the idea that they are going to ruin all of their progress. His wish upon a star is that people are able to truly enjoy themselves and not look back and think, "why was I so caught up in trying to eat straight..."



CrossFit Bison

Location: Midland Park, NJ
Instagram: @CrossFitBison

Leader of the Bison Beasts, David, hopped on the line to tell us about CrossFit Bison's holiday traditions. The week before Thanksgiving, they host The Bison Holiday Party, a massive backyard bash to kick off the season. The happiest time of year tends to also be the busiest time of the year. Due to the chaos, Bison uses the month of December to repeat crowd-favorites where the gym runs 3-weeks of fun WODs (yes, we said fun... ask Dave, he keeps a running log) to boost morale throughout what can be a stressful time.

David's best recovery tip for the holidays is to value sleep more than you think and to stay hydrated. You're up early to squeeze in a workout and you're out late running errands, playing magical elf, or Santa Claus himself. To avoid getting sick, sleep and hydration are key. Last but not least, he feels "it's not the holidays without giving more than you receive." Need some gift inspiration? Check below!

Stocking Stuffer Speed Round

We asked these gym owners and coaches what they thought would make a superb stocking stuffer for your CrossFit-doing, gym-loving, fitness-y friend and they did NOT miss. Here are their answers:

Carly: FITAID Go! Sticks!

Autumn: Thumb tape... AND FITAID (of course.)

Leo: Definitely FITAID.

Dan: Hand wraps or gymnastics grips!

Dave: Thumb tape - not too expensive, and small enough to fit!


As FITAID's FITMAS Campaign unfolds, these gyms prove that the holiday season is not just about indulging in festive treats, but also sweating it out with friends and family.

Top Strategies to Amp Up FITAID Sales

Running a gym is all about creating an inviting atmosphere that keeps your members motivated and excited about their fitness journey. One great way to achieve this is by offering products that enhance their workout experience. FITAID is not just a drink; it's a fitness companion that replenishes and refreshes. Here are some fantastic strategies to sell FITAID like hotcakes (well, cold cans of FITAID, to be precise!).

  1. Welcome to the FITAID Club: Show your prospects and new members some love by gifting them a free can of FITAID after their first workout. They will immediately associate FITAID with a reward and incorporate it in their workout regimen moving forward. $2.99 investment for long-term ROI. Nothing says "welcome" like a rewarding sip. It's like a high-five in a can!
  2. Sip and Sample: If you're not up for handing out whole cans, offer refreshing 3oz samples after your group classes? Give them a little taste of FITAID magic that'll leave them craving more. Keep in mind: sampling is single handedly the largest driver of repeat purchases!
  3. Keem ‘Em Chilled: Make restocking your fridge part of your closing shift. Keeping your FITAID fridge stocked each evening ensures you’ll have chilled product ready to go the next morning. Nothing tingles the taste buds more than an ice-cold can of FITAID.
  4. Prime Placement: Position your FITAID fridge front and center, where all eyes can see and all hands can reach. The more visible it is, the more irresistible it becomes. Pick a high traffic area in your space that tilts temptation.
  5. Posters and Promos: Deck out your space with FITAID posters and eye-catching point-of-sale items. Repetition is the name of the game when it comes to boosting purchases. There are plenty of options in the gym portal for you to pull from!
  6. Coach's Choice: Give your coaches a sweet deal with a discount on FITAID (say, $3 a can). They'll not only love the taste but also become your ultimate FITAID advocates. It’s a small way to say thank you!
  7. Punch It Up: Have your members prepay for FITAID with convenient punch cards. It's like a loyalty card for delicious hydration. Good ‘ole fashion punchcards are a fun - make sure to keep the hole-punch nearby and remind members to keep the card in their gym bag.
  8. Win-Win: Create a buzz with a "Buy 10, Get 1 Free" punch card promotion. It's like hitting the jackpot with every sip. The tangible card will allow members to see how close they are to earning their free can - a motivator to get more!
  9. Easy Peasy Checkout: If you're tech-savvy, make sure FITAID is pre-programmed into your system for smooth checkout at the end of the month. Simplicity and ease of use means more sales for you and less hassle for members.strategies variety
  10. Luck of the Draw: Collect used punch cards and add some excitement by drawing a punch card winner from a hat each month. The winner earns a free merchandise item AND people are encouraged to drink (and buy) more FITAID for better odds at winning.
  11. Case in Point: Offer discounted cases for members to take home. Not only do they get a deal, but you also score a nice margin. Try selling 4-packs, or a 12-pack case for $45, your members skip the shipping costs and get immediate gratification.
  12. Make It Count: When you buy 22 cases and get 2 free. Those freebies? Perfect for samples and prizes. They cost you nothing and have the potential to make you more in the long run.
  13. Nutrition Integration: Seamlessly incorporate FITAID into your nutrition counseling sessions. You’re already offering advice on what members’ should and should not be putting in their bodies; remind them to be conscious of what’s in their beverages. Propose it as a swap for high-sugar, artificially caffeinated alternatives. They’ll get more nutritional benefits by drinking a can of FITAID than a can of soda pop.
  14. Simple Sales Sheet: Use a FITAID-branded sign-out sheet for easy point-of-sale transactions. No fancy software? No problem! We provide them upon request!
  15. Flavorful Variety: Stock FITAID, FITAID RX, and FITAID Energy. Members love options, and you've got 'em covered.
  16. Social Sizzle: Harness the power of social media. Post pictures of coaches enjoying FITAID – it's an easy and effective way to spread the FITAID love. You can provide educational content and blast promotions you’re running to generate buzz!
  17. Give and Win: Host FITAID-themed giveaways on social media and in your gym. Make sure your members tag your gym and FITAID for extra exposure.

With these creative strategies and sales tactics, your gym is well on its way to becoming a FITAID hotspot. Remember, selling isn't just about products; it's about enhancing your members' experience and giving them something to look forward to post-workout. So, pop the top, enjoy a sip, and let FITAID infuse your gym with refreshing vibes that keep your members coming back for more! And if you're in doubt about which blend to choose, let our sports nutrition experts guide you! They are more than happy to help.

Remember: different strategies work for different gyms! If you've found a successful sales method we forgot to mention send us a message - we'd love to hear!

Cover photo By Matt Stone / MediaNews Group / Boston Herald

LIFEAID randomly surveyed 135 gym owners in July of  2020, in order to find out how they are handling re-opening, keeping members safe, plans for reinvigorating memberships, stocking their fridges with FITAID, and more...


Q: How long has your gym been in business?

Q: Has your gym re-opened (as of July 2020)?

Q: What percentage of your members has returned to your gym for regular workouts?

Q: How long do you think it may take for your gym to return to pre-COVID attendance numbers?

Q: Do you plan to continue offering Zoom/virtual class options to your members?

Q: Which LIFEAID products do you currently offer members at your gym?

> > > Stay well.

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HindeSight  |  No. 7

"Titan CrossFit loves FITAID! We purchased the 10-case promotional deal which included a FREE fridge. After only 45 days, we are reordering! Many of our athletes miss the carbonation of a soft drink, FITAID fills that void and tastes great. Not to mention it is loaded with great supplements. The only problem is I keep drinking the profit! One request: Can you start making a “SnatchAid,” 'cause I sure could use the help!"

—Nick Zawmon, Titan CrossFit, Maryland

"FITAID is a great product and tastes great. Our athletes especially have liked FITAID on hot days as it contains great supplements and is only lightly carbonated, which means no bloated feeling like with other carbonated drinks."

—C. Ryan Bucher, Open Country CrossFit, Ohio

"FITAID is becoming so popular in the gym that people actually put money down to have a running tab for FITAID. All of the trainers love it as well and it is a staple after a hard workout! Excited to get in the next shipment as we have members worried that we will run out before it gets here, that is how popular it is. Thanks for the great customer service!"

—Julie Payton & Cory Letts, owners of CrossFit North Star, California

"Having FITAID available to our members before or after a WOD, cold out of our FITAID refrigerator, shows good member services and great profits for our business. Our members like the taste of FITAID and the Paleo-friendly vitamin and energy boosters to help in recovery. We sell an average of 9 cases a month without any extra effort on our part and provide a great healthy drink to our members. The people at FITAID have been amazing to work with and their customer service is professional, fast, and accommodating. Get a FITAID refrigerator and pack it with cold FITAID for your members. They will thank you, and you will see a nice profit for your business."

—Troy and Melanie Miller, CrossFit ReadyCalifornia

"We at CrossFit Amplify love FITAID! It has become one of Amplify’s go to for recovery supplements! We’ll continue to have our FITAID Refrigerator stock for our members and coaches!"

—Mike Viall and Scott Todnem, co-owners of CrossFit AmplifyIllinois

"We have been carrying FITAID at our box for a few months now, and we couldn’t be happier with this product. Our members love how it tastes and how they feel after drinking it! Customer service has also been awesome. The FITAID fridge is the perfect addition to our retail area and thank you again for donating some cans to our charity event that we hosted!!"

—Chad, CrossFit Boom TownNew York

 "Here at CrossFit DTW we love FITAID. We have some that drink them for a pre-workout and some for a post. We love that little edge it gives you. It is one of the best sellers here, they go just as fast as the water!! Also they taste great so I sometimes grab them on a rest day too! Thanks so much for a great product!"

Brogan Walters, CrossFit DTW, Colorado

Image result for crossfit dtw

"FITAID has been awesome for us here at FarmBoy. We love being able to carry a product that not only helps aid in recovery from WODs, immune health and Heart health, but also is great tasting. FITAID is the first thing people reach for at our Box. People absolutely love it! It is by far the single quickest moving drink/ supplement in our Box. My wife and I love the opportunity to carry such a great product that our athletes love and also make money in doing so. It is the best of both worlds. We are happy and they are happy!"

—Brian Baker, CrossFit Farm Boy, Colorado

"We brought FITAID on about a year ago and we really love what it has brought to our gym. We love that it is Paleo-friendly and its supplement profile. We have consistently sold through about 15-20 cases a month and don’t see it slowing down. Our members love it, our staff loves and I love it. Thanks for the awesome product!"

Narine KadekianCrossFit Scotts Valley, California

"We love FITAID! Ever since we began carrying FITAID, we have had a continuous stream of sales. The FITAID mini fridge is a great way to display the product and makes it very easy to sell. Our members love the convenience of having a cold FITAID before or after a tough workout. Throw in the great taste, the athlete specific nutritional supplements, and you have a winning product to offer your members."

—Holly Valentine, CrossFit Vacaville North, California

"Simply put, I bought 10 cases and I only have one left! They have been both a nice pre-WOD pick-me-up as well as a nice post-WOD chaser! I have to say I love the taste after a tough WOD! FITAID has been a welcome addition to CrossFit Great Barrington!"

—Mike Bissaillon, CrossFit Great Barrington, Massachusetts 

"I’m part owner of a CrossFit gym and we have been selling FITAID for just under a year. We are a smaller gym (less than 100 members) but have had a wonderful response in regards to FITAID. Our members love that it’s a clean drink (a lot of our members eat Paleo or Zone), that there’s no HFCS, that the taste is great and so is the mild carbonation, and I don’t know what it is but FITAID tastes the BEST after a REALLY tough workout!! I’d say we go thru about 10 cases every 2-3 months. We’ve tried other supplement drinks but overall they just don’t compare to all the goodness FITAID packs. FITAID for life!!!"

—Michelle Gallagher, Jefferson State CrossFit, California 

Gym owners, we want to hear from you!

Please share your feedback and tell us what your gym members think of our products. LIFEAID Beverage Co. is here to help make the world a healthier place, one can at a time.

Interested in purchasing FITAID or other products for your gym? Visit our product page at

> > > Live well.