If you’re like most of us, it’s hard to stay motivated all the time. Life can easily get in the way, and energy shifts happen to us all. That’s why we’re sharing our TOP TIPS for WORKOUT MOTIVATION to help you get through any slump and crush your fitness goals!


Whether it’s a quick 15 minutes or a full hour, early morning or during your afternoon break, be sure to bake your workout time into your day— treat it as a sacred chunk of the day that cannot be touched or moved, no matter what—it’s 100% YOU time. Stick to it, because consistency is key!


Feeling sluggish or lacking energy only makes it that much harder to feel like working out. That’s why it’s important to make sure your body is getting all the nutrients and hydration it needs to help you soar through your day. Drink plenty of water and make sure you’re eating enough real food to fuel your body with vitamins and nutrients daily.


Having a set daily routine will help you prioritize your workouts, regardless of how hectic your day gets. Plus it helps wire your brain to create a habit of working out, rather than relying on motivation (which comes and goes). In time, your loved ones will even start to remember: Hey it’s 5:15, that means Jane’s unavailable for the next hour. Trust us, your body, mind and family will notice how much more balanced you are when you stick to your schedule!


Not every day is going to be the “best workout of your life.” So be realistic—accept the fact that some days, even just putting on your running shoes and going for a walk or moving your body for 10 minutes is a huge WIN. You did it! Pat yourself on the back, then get pumped for a killer workout tomorrow.


If you’re an early-morning fitness junkie, you’re in luck because this next hack is for you. Going to bed wearing your workout clothes can help make those early morning wake-up calls a little less painful. Just roll out of bed already dressed in your workout gear, lace up, and you’re out the door!


Need a convenient way to take your workout recovery with you ON THE GO? Our new powder packets of FITAID GO are perfect for wherever your fitness takes you. Only 5 calories per packet and a refreshing citrus taste—just add water and GO!


> > > Stay well.

In a recent article, Trend Hunter named the new LIFEAID GO! Collection as #10 of the Top 100 Drinking Trends in July. You can read the full article below.

Original article by Laura McQuarrie — June 27, 2020 — TrendHunter.com
References: lifeaidbevco & bevnet

LIFEAID GO! Drink Mixes Support Recovery, Hydration, Immunity & More

LIFEAID Beverage Co. launched a new line of single-serve vitamin powder products that can easily be mixed into drinks to provide a functional boost on the go. The range of LIFEAID GO! sticks are all focused on hydration but also offer additional benefits based on the unique additions in each variety. Available now, there's IMMUNITYAID with supplements like echinacea, zinc, vitamin C and turmeric that are particularly popular at this moment, as well as FITAID with recovery-boosting ingredients.

Soon, the LIFEAID GO! line will be expanded with a melon-flavored FOCUSAID product for focus with nootropics and natural caffeine, as well as a berry-flavored PARTYAID for after-party recovery and hydration.

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Whether you’re a sparkling water fanatic or a still water enthusiast all the way, our new LIFEAID GO! Collection is the perfect way to stay hydrated and enjoy drinking your vitamins on the go. Just grab a packet, add it to your water of choice, and you're ready to GO!


With only 5 calories and ZERO SUGAR in each packet, GO is naturally sweetened with monk fruit & Stevia—perfect for wherever life takes you!

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Festivals are fun!

On one hand, festivals often leave us with some of our favorite memories and experiences. But, they can also be a long and grueling few days. After attending my fair share of festivals, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks that will help you have the best possible festival experience.

Tip #1: Stay Hydrated

I can’t stress this enough: Remember to drink lots of water! Festival days can be long, especially when you spend 10-12 hours on your feet, dancing ‘til your heart’s content. As a result, you’re sweating in the heat and losing valuable electrolytes. So always remember to hydrate throughout the day and night. Consider investing in a refillable bottle or canteen that you can keep with you — I promise, it’ll be worth its weight in gold.

Tip #2: Designate a Meet-Up Point

Festivals are big and there are large crowds of people everywhere. You’re bound to lose your friend from sight at some point, or have to deal with someone in your group wandering off (if they’re a wanderer like I am). Festivals are also notorious for not having very good cell phone coverage since there are so many people competing for reception. For these reasons, it’s a great idea to remember to pick a meet-up point in advance! Usually, my friends and I try to pick something that’s visible from far away, like a large art sculpture. Then we stand by it whenever we lose a friend in our group. That way, it’s always easy to find the designated meet-up point in the bustle of the crow and reconnect easily with your group.

Tip #3: Wear Comfy Shoes

Fashion is a very integral part of any festival experience. Oftentimes, people put their best foot (or footwear) forward — literally. It may be the only time some of us can let our fashionista souls shine! However, standing around for 10-12 hours in those cute booties or heels you got just for the festival is simply not practical. Instead, I recommend wearing something you’re more comfortable in, such as sneakers. That way, you can really go all out and dance ‘til you drop instead of leaving the festival barefoot with your blistered, sore feet and your “cute” shoes tucked under your arm.

Tip #4: Send Texts with Timestamps

Discovering your cell phone gets a spotty signal is something you can expect at most festivals. So if you are texting your friends, get in the habit of adding a timestamp to each text. For example: “We’re at the meet-up spot. 12:45.” That way, whenever the text finally goes through, your friends can see how long ago the text was actually sent and know whether you’re likely still at the meet-up point or not. Anything to make it easier to find and keep tabs on your buddies is a good idea.

Tip #5: Invest in Batteries

We all want to capture that magic moment on our phone or camera — whether you intend to share it with the world or you just want some photos and videos as keepsakes to remember what an awesome time you had. Regardless, all those cute photos and videos you take are definitely going to drain your battery, fast. Not to mention, if you’re constantly checking set times or texting your friends to track down their location, your battery will get zapped even quicker. Since you want to be sure your battery will last the whole day, it’s a great idea to bring a small external battery to the festival. You can connect the battery to recharge your phone (or camera) throughout the day. Another easy trick I’ve learned is to simply put your phone on “airplane mode” when you’re not using it — that way it doesn’t waste unnecessary energy trying to find cell phone coverage, run background apps or refresh. With an external battery by your side, you’ll be sure you never miss the perfect shot.

C  O  N  C  L  U  S  I  O  N

Armed with these tips and tricks, you’re ready to go off and have the festival experience of a lifetime!


> > > Live well!