How I Built This: Joel Clark of Kodiak Cakes

When he was 8 years old, Joel Clark loaded bags of his mom's whole grain pancake mix into a red wagon to sell door-to-door. By the mid-90s, he and his older brother had upgraded to selling the mix out of a Mazda sedan and calling it Kodiak Cakes. As he tried to scale the business, Joel made some risky business decisions and almost went bankrupt, but eventually got the brand into Target—a major turning point. Today, Kodiak Cakes is approaching $200 million in annual revenue as one of the best-selling pancake mixes in America.

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Now is a Great Time to Practice Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness is a big part of my daily routine. A big question I get from my team is how to practice mindfulness. It’s not about bypassing feelings, but leaning into them. This article explains why leaning into our feelings are beneficial and ultimately make us all better leaders.

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"Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing."

—Theodore Roosevelt

The Best Time to Work Out

In a new study conducted by The Physiological Society and the American Physiological Society, it was found that there actually is an optimal time to work out. This study focused on men with Type 2 diabetes and found that participants had better results when working out in the afternoon as opposed to earlier in the day.

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Good to Great

Why be a good company when you could be a great company? Stanford researcher and consultant Jim Collins breaks down how to create long-term sustainable performance in order for a company to achieve their greatest potential.

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