Summer is halfway over, and if you’re anything like me - some days feel like Groundhog’s Day. We’ve done the same thing day after day, and we are ready for a CHANGE UP! We asked the ladies in the Mother’s of Fitness Facebook Group (come join us!) to share some of their favorite summer activities to do as a family. So whether your kids are 6 months or 16 years, here are some universal, fun ideas to do with your kids on these hot summer days!


Water, water, and more water!

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Even if you don’t have a pool or lake/beach nearby, there are still so many fun water activities that you can do! Here are some of our favorites:


  1. Kiddie pools! An inflatable kiddie pool is a great way to cool down. Bonus points if you add in a kids basketball hoop or bring a water table into it!
  2. Set up a sprinkler. Any other parents have some incredible memories as a kid running through the sprinklers? Get silly and grab an umbrella or rain boots, and have some fun while running in the water.
  3. For the older kids - a homemade slip n slide! Tarps or plastic drop cloths work great, are super cheap, and incredibly easy to set up.
  4. Find a splash pad in your neighborhood to visit.
  5. Play with water balloons or water guns!



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Here are some great activities to spark the creativity in our kiddos:


  1. Set up an art station! For older kids, set up a mini easel and let them paint/draw to their heart’s desire! For younger kids/toddlers, a great option for “painting” is dipping a paint brush in water and painting on cement. This is one of those God-send CLEAN “messy fun”activities that really doesn’t leave any mess at all!
  2. Sidewalk chalk - perfect for all ages.
  3. Art projects! These can vary a ton based on age - but things like making necklaces, paper mache, making a card for a grandparent or family member, making a collage, etc are all ideas to start with.
  4. Depending on the age of your kids, bake or cook together! Kids LOVE being involved and helping to measure/pour when possible (and safe, of course).


Play Outside

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One of the obvious favorites, get outside when the weather permits. Here were a ton of favorites listed in the group:


  1. Go for a hike!
  2. Visit a neighborhood pool or park.
  3. Lawn games at home or at the park! Favorites included washers, flying kites, softball and kickball, cornhole, etc.
  4. Visit a local zoo or farm.
  5. Find local orchards where you can pick apples, peaches, etc.
  6. Set up a scavenger hunt around the yard or neighborhood (this can be done indoors too on super hot days!).
  7. Plant a garden together.
  8. Have a picnic dinner during sunset.
  9. Go fishing!


Other Fun Ideas…

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  1. Play tourist in your own city! Check out places you have never been before.
  2. Make ice cream, popsicles, or smoothie bowls together.
  3. Take a walk or ride bikes in a different neighborhood
  4. Have a camp out (in the living room or backyard)
  5. Visit a Farmer’s Market and pick out fresh produce together.
  6. Take a trip to a museum or aquarium.
  7. Play hide and go seek.


What are some other favorites you would add to this list?


Molly Tilove


Mom Life: Keeping Active (and Sane!) During a Pandemic

2020 and 2021 have been some of the most trying years for everyone, but I think most parents can especially relate to how life-rocking this last year has been. Whether you’ve navigated pregnancy/postpartum in a way you completely didn’t expect, had to add “teacher” to your resume as your children took on virtual learning, or navigated job changes or “working from home” with kiddos around… this last year has pushed us and challenged us in ways we were never expecting.

As a parent, taking time for yourself is as critical as ever these days. One of my favorite phrases that always rings through my head, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” Carving out time in your day to take care of yourself--physically, mentally, and emotionally--is what gives us the ability to be the best we can be for our babies.

For me, one of the best ways I can care for myself is to stay active. Here are my best tips that have helped me get back into a fitness routine as I navigated postpartum life during a pandemic:


Find an activity that you LOVE and look forward to.

This has been the key to my fitness journey, both pre-pregnancy and postpartum. Finding a sport or activity that I truly enjoy is what keeps me going, even on my “Ugh, I don’t feel like working out” days. Whether that’s CrossFit, walking, riding a bike, weightlifting, or taking a kickboxing class, find an activity that fires you up.

Schedule it in + hold yourself accountable.

I treat my workouts like a meeting--they are scheduled into my calendar. I wouldn’t miss an important meeting, and for me, these workouts are an important meeting with myself. Of course, some days it is unavoidable and life happens, but overall, I try and treat my 30 min workout like the priority it is!

Create a routine that works with your kids’ schedule.

I have twins that are a year old and since they were born, my workout schedule has changed as they’ve grown and changed. It’s great to be adaptable! I used to bring their swings out to our garage gym for them to sit in while I worked out. As they got older, I started working out during their naps or after they went to bed at night. Now, our routine is them having an afternoon snack (full kiddos + more content kiddos!) and then we all go out to the garage gym together. They hang out in their giant playpen and watch/imitate us as we workout and we all love it!

Get more steps in.

One of my favorite habits that I started up a few months ago is going for a walk or jog every morning with the kids. Getting fresh air in the morning sets us all up for a better day, the babes love sightseeing, and it helps me get movement in early, even on days where I’m not sure I’ll get in a true “workout”. It’s also a great time for me to call a family member and catch up, or listen to a podcast; so it’s definitely a win-win!

I hope some of these tips can help you reach your activity goals during these crazy times. What suggestions would you add to this list? I’d love to hear them--feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Happy Fitness-ing, mamas!

Molly Tilove


Exercise Together!

Daily movement can be a vital part of our daily routine. For some, it’s about remaining grounded and focused through following a program and spending time with yourself. For others, it can be about reaching fitness goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Being a mom can sometimes feel like you have to put your own desires on the shelf for the day as you tend to your littles. However, we can get back to our favorite sports while also spending time with our family! Not only should we claim that time again but it’s also giving us an opportunity to show our kids how important it is to continue to invest time in yourself not only as a mother but also as a person. Check out these tips below to help get in some family movement!

1.) Toddler Yoga Stretches/Salutations

This one could be especially fun for toddlers and younger kids. Not only do you get in some good movement and stretches but your little can start to become more in tune with their own body and how it moves. Starting yoga at a young age can also help kids learn how to deal with stress and could help to improve creativity. They can start by mimicking your movements and eventually you can also incorporate partner positions in your yoga session to make them feel that they’re an integral part of the routine. There are plenty of YouTube videos that cover yoga for younger children and can help to get your toddler in the mindset prior to starting your practice together. Give this one a go the next time you roll out your yoga mat!

2.) Hiking With Teens

The next time you lace up your boots to go on a nice long hike, take your teen along for the ride! They may protest at first but once you get out into nature, you can’t help but to be more present. Starting off with a shorter hike may help them to feel more confident as they’ll know that they can handle the hike. Slowly start to amp up the mileage the more you go out. Parenting a teen may mean dealing with lots and lots of emotions, stress and unknown territory. Time together on the trail can lead to plenty of opportunities for organic and enlightening conversations. Hiking can help mitigate stress for you and your teen as well as assisting in sleep which has benefits for you both. Not only do you get in your daily movement but you also get some quality time with your teen.

3.) Running with Young Kids

If you’re a running fanatic, this can be your time to really unplug and spend time with yourself. While your kids might not be able to keep up with your 10k time, taking them out for a one mile run or even training with them to hit up a local 5k can mean lots of time together while also getting in your mileage goals. This will give them a chance to spend time with you as well as hone a skill they might begin to love! Getting kids involved in a hobby that means a lot to you can show them what it
means to stay consistent to reach their goals. Having your kids be part of your fitness journey can be so rewarding because not only do they get to learn how to move their body and find a sport or hobby that they grow to love but they also get to watch you prioritize yourself. Investing time in yourself and your sport, whether it’s CrossFit, yoga, marathon running or just picking up some weights here and there, show yourself and others that investing in yourself is an important and necessary endeavor. Just because we’re moms doesn’t mean we have to give up every moment of our time to others.
Giving back to yourself not only makes us feel good but it also helps us to be our best selves. So the next time you want to get in some movement but your littles are running circles around you, grab them up and try to incorporate them into your practice. If not to just wear them out before nap time! Invest some time in yourself today, momma.

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About the Author:
Georgia native Tiffany Ammerman is the thru-hiker and CrossFitter behind the travel blog The Goodish Traveler. She spends the majority of her time traveling, eating sushi and searching for hiking trails. When she's not blogging, Ammerman can be found training at CrossFit LaGrange and teaching art to kids.

You can follow her adventures on Instagram:@the_goodish_traveleror her


The winter holidays are over, daylight is in short supply and some of our littles are still doing virtual school and that combination, mommas, might find you flagging. This is the perfect time to begin looking inward and providing ourselves with the self-care we so desperately need during this time of year.


Self-care looks different for everyone. Some love to binge shows on Netflix and have a little online retail therapy. While others prefer to make art or go for a run. While there is definitely nothing wrong with buying a tie-dye sweatshirt off Etsy, it’s always nice to try out different restorative methods. So, whether you’re a self-care guru or just beginning your journey, check out these regenerative & intentional practices below that’ll have you back to your best reenergized self.


1.) Practice Self-Compassion:

This one I think we can all benefit from, momma or not. One of the easiest ways to turn your perspective toward self-compassion is to replace yourself with a loved one or a small child during your inner dialogue. Would you tell your child to work harder instead of going to bed when their body is telling them they are tired? Openly criticize your parents for not providing dinners made from scratch each night? Would you criticize your best friend’s body in that swimsuit? In order to stop self-criticism and to turn our empathy inward, soften your tone while you’re speaking to yourself. It’s time to be more gentle and allow more compassion with ourselves.

2.) Acknowledging Our Bodies:

We all know that eating healthy and drinking water is great for our bodies but sometimes all our body is craving is some acknowledgement from us. Rarely we tune into ourselves and ask what we need since we are usually tending to the needs of others. Sometimes it wants us to stretch, grab a quick walk through the park, sit in the sun and get some vitamin D or even just have a good, long chat with a friend. Don’t forget to tune in and do a full body scan from time to time. You’ll be surprised how your body holds onto stress and how it can manifest itself in your life. We might be tensing our shoulders and not even realize it. While the littles are napping, get in a quick savasana (corpse pose) and do a head to toe body scan and remind yourself that it’s
okay to have needs and to address them.

3.) Ask For Help:

It may sound simple enough, but frequently as moms we feel that we need to be the ultimate caregivers and often neglect to accept help or even ask for it when we’re spread too thin. Not only should we normalize asking for help but we should prioritize it! It’s completely okay to reach out to your partner, friends, family member, support circle, etc if you need a helping hand. Not only do we benefit from receiving help but so do the people we most care about as they receive our most grounded and restored versions of ourselves once we’ve had time to regroup.

I hope you have the time and intention to journey inward during this time in your
life and see what you find. Oftentimes, all we need to do is to answer the signals our body has been sending us in order to find personal growth, peace and grounding. Don’t forget that it is completely acceptable to reach out and ask your support circle for advice, help or even for a Zoom date. So, whether it’s a good ole’ Netflix binge or getting in some restorative yoga, don’t forget to carve out some moments for yourself this year, momma.


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About the Author:
Georgia native Tiffany Ammerman is the thru-hiker and CrossFitter behind the travel blog The Goodish Traveler. She spends the majority of her time traveling, eating sushi and searching for hiking trails. When she's not blogging, Ammerman can be found training at CrossFit LaGrange and teaching art to kids.

You can follow her adventures on Instagram: @the_goodish_traveler or her website:


For Mother's Day this year, we launched our Mothers of Fitness community to celebrate the strong women in our midst. Part of the intention of this group was to allow mothers to share their experiences, offer advice to other women in their shoes, and just have a place to gush over something they all have in common--the love of motherhood and health and fitness.

You can join the party here.

We want you to meet Molly Tilove, one of our awesome group 'Momerators' whose path to fitness and maintaining consistency now with twins in tow was filled with challenges, but totally worth it.

How did you become interested in fitness?

Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I was NEVER interested in fitness or working out (in fact, I avoided PE at all costs!). Once I went off to college, I realized all of my friends had gym memberships and maybe I should actively work on avoiding the dreaded “Freshman 15”. I started running, and soon that became a big part of my life!

What inspired you to start posting on Instagram and sharing your journey?

It just sort of evolved naturally. While I was in college, I developed anorexia and spent several years severely underweight. I was obsessed with running and doing body weight exercises, and had a twisted goal of eating less and less each day. After admitting I had a serious problem, got help, and received treatment, I gained weight, but still really struggled with body image issues. While I physically was “healthy” again, I still was struggling horribly on the inside. After years of being a “runner”, a friend invited me to check out a new CrossFit gym opening in the area. I was immediately hooked!

That first year or two, I had shared a few before/after photos from my college days, and now my much stronger, CrossFit days. I was finally starting to see a transformation on the inside - I was no longer focused on what I looked like, but was really proud of my body and what it was capable of doing. The photos I had shared were reposted on a lot of “viral” sites, including Reddit. My Instagram quickly started growing and I started sharing more about my journey, my workouts, etc! It’s been about five years now since that all happened so it’s been really fun connecting with so many more people, growing new friendships and relationships, etc!

What has been the most challenging part of juggling work, fitness, and motherhood?

Life definitely takes a lot more planning now! When the twins were newborns, they slept SO much, so it was easy to keep them in their bassinet or swings and bring them out with me while I worked out, or while I worked in our home office. Now that they’re over one and totally mobile… they have my whole attention while they’re awake! It makes it tricky managing a business with two littles and a husband who has a very full work schedule himself, but I just really focus on making nap times as productive as possible.

Workouts are definitely much less consistent than they used to be, but I still make it a priority to fit them in - whether its including the babies, or waiting until they go down for the night and fitting a workout in before bed. We built out our home gym before the babies were born and it has been SUCH a blessing this year, especially with COVID!

What is your favorite part about being a mom?

It is truly a love like NO OTHER. I never felt more purpose, more passion, or more fire than I have since these babies were born. They give me a whole new reason to be my best. We waited years before finally getting pregnant and they were worth every second of that wait, a million times over. It has been the greatest blessing watching them learn and grow this last year, and I can’t wait for all of the incredible adventures we have in our future.

Do you have any advice for other moms that are thinking about starting or need help continuing their fitness journey?

IT IS POSSIBLE to make fitness and wellness a priority with kids, no matter how much you have on your plate. Even if it’s 10 minutes during nap time, something is always better than nothing! There are some weeks where I can fit in six workouts, and some weeks where I only get two - but staying as consistent as you can and coming and showing up when it is possible pays off. Keeping my health and fitness a priority keeps me feeling good, energized, and truly helps me be a better mom. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so be sure to include things in your life that make YOU a better person so you can be better for the people you love!

How do you take time for yourself? Any favorite self care activities?

A workout is always a favorite activity! Some days though, a hot bath or shower and a glass of wine is all I need after a long day!

How have you been coping with this crazy year in regards to COVID and having young kids?

Honestly, having newborn twins before this all started - I was already basically living the “quarantine life”! It was difficult to get out too often with two tiny babes, especially during the winter after their NICU stays. COVID hit when they were about 4 months old, and life just sort of continued on the way it had been! It’s definitely been challenging at times, feeling like it’s groundhog day for the last year. The little things I did for “me” to recharge really aren’t options at the moment (getting my nails done, meeting a friend for coffee, etc), and I miss the social interactions we used to have!

Being a new mom can feel isolating anyways, but having this never ending lockdown in place makes it feel extra difficult some days. It also makes me sad that the kids have had so much less interaction in their lives than a typical child would have their first year! At the same time though - this bizarre year has allowed both me and my husband to be at home SO MUCH more than we may have otherwise been. I try and look at the positives as much as I can about this entire situation! We’ve had more time together, Erik has been able to be home for more of their milestone moments, we’ve saved more money, and we find joy in the simplest things! With that being said… I am definitely looking forward to a life no longer controlled by COVID restrictions! 🙂

Are you watching any good TV shows or movies now that you want to share?

Oh man! I wish!! I’m hoping once the holiday season is over and business slows down, I’ll be able to start doing a little more reading / TV watching! The few things I always stay up-to-date on, no matter how busy I am, are “This Is Us” and “A Million Little Things”! I’m here for everyone else’s suggestions for good TV shows though!

What are some goals you have going into 2021?

Carrying less stress with me. I am a stresser. We surprisingly had our best year with Belle & Bell yet, but it has made me CRAZY stressed this entire Q4. I get overwhelmed and feel like I have a difficult time being completely present with work OR with my kids. Learning to balance and give myself more grace is definitely a goal. Aside from that - I hope to grow B&B even BIGGER this year, create some amazing memories with the kids, and hopefully get my ring muscle ups back 😉 we just installed a rig in our backyard, so I have no excuse now!

Do you have any products or services (for you or your kids) that you can't live without or are essential to your everyday routine? 

I *LOVE* that we use a meal prep delivery service. We order a la carte meats and carbs from Trifecta and it makes it so convenient for weekday lunches for both me AND the kiddos. Other random stuff we love : our Lovevery subscription for educational toys, our Lillebaby baby carriers, our big playpen that the kids love to hang in while we workout, and probably a billion other things I cant think of right now! For me personally - I rely on RP Strength for my nutrition guidance, and I’m pretty sure protein coffee is what now runs through my veins 😉 (if you follow me on IG, you know I am obsessed with cold brew and then Bowmar Nutrition Pumpkin Spice coffee!)

 What are your hobbies/interests outside of fitness? 

I have had a ton of fun getting into photography the last few years! I also really like hiking, traveling...and eating good food! lol!

For Mother's Day this year, we launched our Mothers of Fitness community to celebrate the strong women in our midst. Part of the intention of this group was to allow mothers to share their experiences, offer advice to other women in their shoes, and just have a place to gush over something they all have in common--the love of motherhood and health and fitness.

You can join the party here.

Katie Dial, one of our awesome group 'Momerators' shares her fitness story and her experience with motherhood.

How did you become interested in fitness?

I was always athletic growing up…I played soccer and did track, and was on the competitive swimming and diving team through middle and high school. I worked out fairly often prior to having kids but life happened and I let myself get pretty inconsistent after getting married and my first pregnancy loss. Then, six years later, I had my oldest son, who was very healthy thankfully. Six years after that, I had my second baby and I felt like three pregnancies had taken their toll on my body.

I first started working out consistently about three months after my youngest son was born. I had never done CrossFit but immediately loved the constantly varied workouts and training, I saw results almost immediately. Tannon is 4-years-old now and I’ve lost 35 pounds and gained an entirely new career as a fitness coach and trainer. I love sharing fitness content to help inspire and encourage other moms as well. I’m finishing up my CFL1 Coach’s certification course and regularly working out at my home box as well as posting an occasional online Instagram workout video to help motivate the other moms in the community. 

What inspired you to start posting on Instagram and sharing your journey? 

I felt a need to share my fitness journey from post pregnancy until now because I no longer recognized my body in the mirror. I struggled with low energy and weight gain. I felt determined to regain my confidence and health for my sons and myself, to be honest. So, I wanted to help inspire other mothers who are too afraid to speak up, but out there struggling with their own self image and body confidence. Also to pass on the healthy tips and eating habits that have been game changers for me. My trainers and coaches have poured infinite amounts of time and energy into training me andI feel a responsibility to pay that forward to others.

What has been the most challenging part of juggling work, fitness, and motherhood? 

Staying organized and on schedule! I started thinking to myself, "What area/task is going to be the ultimate disappointment if you don’t complete it? What are the PRIORITIES for the day or week?" Then, I focus on crushing those things first! Every week brings new challenges and changes. I've had to learn to focus on my goals and let things that won’t matter long term go. I try not to get too caught up in worrying about everything being perfect and I try to ALWAYS keep an appointment book and weekly schedule no matter what to help me stay organized. 

What is your favorite part about being a mom?

I can’t pick just one, but watching the boys love each other and have a close bond is pretty special to see. It gives my heart so much joy to see them laughing and playing together. There are so many things about my boys I love so much. I can’t believe they’re mine! They melt my heart with their sweet questions and I try to always be there for them.

Do you have any advice for other moms that are thinking about starting or need help continuing their fitness journey?

Keep Grinding No Matter What. Never Give Up! Keep a short term goal attainable daily and weekly to help encourage small changes that ultimately add up to big victories.

How do you take time for yourself? Any favorite self care activities?

Time management is a total key. One thing I always try to make time for is getting my lashes done. Its a very small thing but that time is when I just relax completely and it helps me to feel confident in and out of the gym, with or without makeup. Part of my quality self care time IS being in the gym and working out. I just feel 100% better when I’m in a balanced flow with exercise and nutrition.  

How have you been coping with this crazy year in regards to COVID and having young kids?

2020 has been the year I truly realized how important staying healthy and active is. I realized just how important CrossFit and my community is to me. I went to an empty dark gym and did home workouts for months and stayed consistent. Even during the shutdown we posted at home workouts and me and our boys swam in the pool almost everyday. I realized how much I loved being healthy and helping others start healthy habits. I just finished my coaching certification and can’t think of a better way to end this year. 

Are you watching any good TV shows or movies now that you want to share?

I loved watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. I'm always trying to be more organized and she helps so many people.

What are some goals you have going into 2021?

One personal goal is to travel more in 2021. I loved Europe and want to go back to see more of it. Another goal is reaching more followers on Instagram to help others and promote healthy habits, coaching and fashion blogging more consistently. I would LOVE to take my boys to Disneyland when we go out of Phase 2.

Do you have any products or services (for you or your kids) that you can't live without or are essential to your everyday routine?

FITAID, Lush KARMA soap/perfume, coffee anytime, LOTS of workout activewear...NOBULL trainers, I wear them almost every workout.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of fitness?

I’m a hairstylist and own a salon and also share fashion blogging on Instagram and Facebook for Rewardstyle/ Basically anything helping others to look or feel better about themselves! Everyone at the gym jokes about life makeovers with me, I love helping people look good!

If you think fitness is hard enough, try adding motherhood!

This Mother's Day, LIFEAID is launching Mothers of Fitness, a docuseries and an inclusive online community to help support, inspire and motivate moms worldwide to lead healthy, active lifestyles.

Join us as we experience fit moms tackling motherhood—from the laughter to the tears, juggling workouts between feedings & diapers, and everything in between! You'll get an inside look at the daily lives of women who have taken on the biggest job of all: being a mom. Mothers of Fitness (MoF) proves that being a strong mom is so much more than just fitness.

"Here's to strong women.
May we know them.
May we be them.
May we raise them."

Watch for top athletes and everyday mamas featured in upcoming episodes of the Mothers of Fitness docuseries, with new episodes airing each week. Some of the Mothers of Fitness currently featured include:

  • Former NPC competitor turned CrossFit athlete, fitness model, SG Training Zone owner & proud toddler mom Sarah Grace

Mothers everywhere are now invited to join the online MoF community on Facebook, a place for moms to come together, support and build each other up. After all, we are stronger as women when we stand united. So tell a mom you love and come get inspired, share advice with fellow moms, find fitness tips, discover healthy recipes, workout virtually together, laugh or cry—we're here for it all.

The Mothers of Fitness Facebook group will also feature partnerships with brands moms love, giveaways, online events, live Q&A sessions, discounts for MoF members, fresh content, and other fun ways to get involved.

“As a mother, it is often hard to find time to dedicate to yourself. With MoF, we want to provide an inclusive community that will be a platform of inspiration and motivation for busy moms,” says Emily Sommariva, LIFEAID CMO and mother of one-and-a-half-year-old daughter Luna. “We are excited to be bringing top notch, heartfelt content through articles, amazing moderators and our MoF docuseries. We've gotta stick together!”

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Join the Mothers of Fitness Facebook group and connect with mothers around the world!

Here's a sneak peek of our upcoming Mothers of Fitness docuseries, launching this Mother's Day!

Interested in submitting content or becoming a moderator for Mothers of Fitness? Please email us at:

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