Brianna Cope is a professional surfer born and raised on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii. Growing up near the ocean, Cope fell in love with the power of its waves and began surfing on a longboard at the age of four.

“I love how free and alive I feel in the ocean. It is such an indescribable feeling to be able to ride a wave, always thinking how special it is that you can only ride that wave once—you will never get the same wave again,” says Cope.

Cope won her first surfing competition when she was just 11 years old, deciding then and there that she wanted to be a professional surfer. Currently, Cope can be spotted competing on the World Surf League qualifying series, traveling across the globe for competitions. Her 2018 documentary “Surfing to Cope” is now available on iTunes.‘Big Neechi’ is an internationally recognized celebrity, bodybuilder and festival host known for his incredible strength, muscular physique, and for throwing wild parties.

Neechi graduated from Texas State University as somewhat of a campus legend, obtaining a degree in Exercise & Sports Science. His capabilities in the gym came at an early age when he broke his Jr. High School’s bench press record of 315 lb. in the eighth grade! Big Neechi has since won the title of "Combine King" and "Strongest Man". 

During college, Big Neechi also earned another reputation for himself after throwing a Project X-style pool party that went viral and ended up on every news outlet in America. Big Neechi has become the #1 event host in Texas, and even hosted Spring Break in South Padre Island. 

No matter how wild his lifestyle gets, Big Neechi always prioritizes fitness, maintains a great physique, and displays insane numbers on all his lifts. (He was the 2019 Iron Wars 4 champion after completing a 475-lb. pause-rep bench press!) Weighing only 215 lb., Big Neechi has proven he can keep up with the best of the best.

Greg Lutzka is a professional skateboarder, best known for his technical skills which have landed him countless trophies, gold medals and awards in contests including: X-Games, The Maloof Money Cup, Dew Tours and World Cups. Currently, Lutzka is also the only skater to have ever won the highly respected Tampa Pro an unprecedented three times.

Lutzka’s reputation as one of the hardest working skateboarders in the industry is well-earned. At the age of 18, Greg moved from the Midwest to Southern California, the Action Sports mecca of the world. During the course of his career, Lutzka has been featured in videos for Almost & Darkstar Skateboards, K-Swiss and Oakley Eyewear. He has also cross-branded himself with Harley Davidson and Aqua Hydrate, always representing sponsors to the fullest while also practicing and improving his skateboarding skills daily.

Lutzka has acted in a movie, commercials and music videos. During whatever remaining freetime Lutzka has, he enjoys snowboarding, cycle riding and spending time with family and friends.

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New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and everyone is getting prepared for the big night! For some, the holiday season may lead to a cocktail or two — which inevitably causes some unpleasant morning-after moments.

There are few things worse than waking up with a hangover. In fact, it will likely negate just how much fun you had the night before. So to help you get through the rest of the season (if you’re over 21, of course), we’ve rounded up some of the most popular hangover cures and preventative supplements that you can pick up from Amazon today!



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Partyaid Rehab Blend
PARTYAID Recovery Blend

The pre-mixed drink contains a ton of helpful nutrients that can alleviate traditional hangover symptoms. You can drink this before, during or after your night out and feel significantly better the next day.

Get the PARTYAID supplement drink for prices starting at just $11, available from Amazon!

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Festivals are fun!

On one hand, festivals often leave us with some of our favorite memories and experiences. But, they can also be a long and grueling few days. After attending my fair share of festivals, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks that will help you have the best possible festival experience.

Tip #1: Stay Hydrated

I can’t stress this enough: Remember to drink lots of water! Festival days can be long, especially when you spend 10-12 hours on your feet, dancing ‘til your heart’s content. As a result, you’re sweating in the heat and losing valuable electrolytes. So always remember to hydrate throughout the day and night. Consider investing in a refillable bottle or canteen that you can keep with you — I promise, it’ll be worth its weight in gold.

Tip #2: Designate a Meet-Up Point

Festivals are big and there are large crowds of people everywhere. You’re bound to lose your friend from sight at some point, or have to deal with someone in your group wandering off (if they’re a wanderer like I am). Festivals are also notorious for not having very good cell phone coverage since there are so many people competing for reception. For these reasons, it’s a great idea to remember to pick a meet-up point in advance! Usually, my friends and I try to pick something that’s visible from far away, like a large art sculpture. Then we stand by it whenever we lose a friend in our group. That way, it’s always easy to find the designated meet-up point in the bustle of the crow and reconnect easily with your group.

Tip #3: Wear Comfy Shoes

Fashion is a very integral part of any festival experience. Oftentimes, people put their best foot (or footwear) forward — literally. It may be the only time some of us can let our fashionista souls shine! However, standing around for 10-12 hours in those cute booties or heels you got just for the festival is simply not practical. Instead, I recommend wearing something you’re more comfortable in, such as sneakers. That way, you can really go all out and dance ‘til you drop instead of leaving the festival barefoot with your blistered, sore feet and your “cute” shoes tucked under your arm.

Tip #4: Send Texts with Timestamps

Discovering your cell phone gets a spotty signal is something you can expect at most festivals. So if you are texting your friends, get in the habit of adding a timestamp to each text. For example: “We’re at the meet-up spot. 12:45.” That way, whenever the text finally goes through, your friends can see how long ago the text was actually sent and know whether you’re likely still at the meet-up point or not. Anything to make it easier to find and keep tabs on your buddies is a good idea.

Tip #5: Invest in Batteries

We all want to capture that magic moment on our phone or camera — whether you intend to share it with the world or you just want some photos and videos as keepsakes to remember what an awesome time you had. Regardless, all those cute photos and videos you take are definitely going to drain your battery, fast. Not to mention, if you’re constantly checking set times or texting your friends to track down their location, your battery will get zapped even quicker. Since you want to be sure your battery will last the whole day, it’s a great idea to bring a small external battery to the festival. You can connect the battery to recharge your phone (or camera) throughout the day. Another easy trick I’ve learned is to simply put your phone on “airplane mode” when you’re not using it — that way it doesn’t waste unnecessary energy trying to find cell phone coverage, run background apps or refresh. With an external battery by your side, you’ll be sure you never miss the perfect shot.

C  O  N  C  L  U  S  I  O  N

Armed with these tips and tricks, you’re ready to go off and have the festival experience of a lifetime!


> > > Live well!

SANTA CRUZ, CALIF. – Hot off the heels of the traditional shopping season kick-off, LIFEAID Beverage Co., LLC. achieved an impressive volume of Direct to Consumer business during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend reaching just shy of $500,000 in direct website e-commerce sales.

The company, known for their niche “clean supplement blends” has seen a meteoric rise over the last year. 2018 is proving to be a potential break-through year for the brand.

For a second year, LIFEAID has secured a top spot on the Forbes list of Fastest Growing Companies and 2017’s list recognized the brand as the 2nd fastest growing in its category. FITAID, the Recovery Blend, which is popular within the CrossFit and OCR communities, recorded an impressive 35% share of the weekend’s sales. Notable portfolio performers included FOCUSAID and brand flagship product LIFEAID; while GOLFERAID, PARTYAID, and TRAVELAID rounded out the strong sales figure.

According to their VP of Sales, Dan Leja, “2018 is going to be a breakout year for the Brand.” Leja goes on to report, “We anticipate in excess of 12,000 traditional retail outlets, including some of the most established national retailers.”

This figure is 4 times what their retail penetration was in 2017. Authorizations include GNC, Kroger, Safeway, with significant reviews pending. At time of release, SPINS data is displaying promising results as they are positioned as a top 5 brand in their category over the last 24 weeks. Additional focus in 2018 will include consistent brand awareness efforts and building off their consumer successes to help bolster and sustain their current trajectory in retail.

About LifeAid Beverage

At LIFEAID, we fuel your passion with our clean and refreshing nutritional blends. Our products are tailored for your active lifestyle – without all the junk. LIFEAID products are available throughout the U.S. in more than 5,000 gyms and retail stores such as Whole Foods and The Vitamin Shoppe. Join us as we show the world there is a better way. For more information, please visit or contact