Santa Cruz, Calif., April, 1st, 2022 - LIFEAID, The Performance Beverage Company continues to disrupt the market with ground breaking products. Hot off the heels of a record setting ecomm performance of FOCUSAID Watermelon Mint in February; LIFEAID went back into the lab (or to the Pickleball courts) and fermented a recovery beverage for Pickleballing pickle people. PICKLEAID Prickly Pickle has been pickled in our warehouse and is ready to hit the shelves. To those traditionalists still stuck on boring tennis and complaining about tennis courts being crowded with Pickleball players, it’s only going to get worse! 


“Being that we are the #1 recovery beverage on the market, it was only right we added a pickle flavor to our portfolio. I mean who doesn’t enjoy a crisp, salty pickle at any time of the day. Pickle juice by itself is great for rehydration, especially after a Pickleball game. Take pickle juice, our proven and tested recovery blend, and BOOM! You single handedly have the best tasting recovery beverage on the market.” Says, LIFEAID Sports Division Marketing Coordinator, Brice McAllister. 


PICKLEAID Prickly Pickle includes all of the same great ingredients of the original FITAID blend including BCAAs, Turmeric, and is sweetened with raw organic blue agave with no artificial sweeteners. However, LIFEAID has put a spin on this mix for those pickle lovers out there. PICKLEAID Prickly Pickle is loaded with organic dill to give the beverage that authentic pickle flavor. Cloves of fresh garlic have been pressed and turned into liquid. LIFEAID usually does not add sodium to their beverages but artisanal vinegar and the finest of himalayan sea salts have been added to give it the perfect zesty blend . Cracking open an ice cold PICKLEAID is basically like biting into a rich and juicy pickle. Only difference is that you can shotgun a PICKLEAID. 


PICKLEAID was specifically designed for those athletes that protect their kitchen, have perfected the dink shot, and call the Pickledome their home. PICKLEAID is the recovery beverage of Pickleball players across the globe. After playing several Pickleball games, the best way to recover and do it all over again is by cracking open an ice-cold can of PICKLEAID.


If you have made it this far, you must have really been craving a PICKLEAID flavor. Well, like any product launch on April 1st, APRIL FOOLS! You may not be able to get PICKLEAID Prickly Pickle but you can get 20% off your order if you use the code PICKLEAID at checkout. 


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