The LIFEAID LIFT program is now live at!

LIFEAID is giving $15 cash, from every 24-can purchase made by consumers at, directly to their designated local gym or business. BONUS: Members will save $5 OFF/case! Simply visit for more details.  

SHARE the link with others to help give back to the local gyms & businesses we call 'home.'

We're all in this together. Stay strong.


7-Day Income Ignition Program

Successful entrepreneur and speaker Bedros Keuilian wants to help show you how to quickly pivot your business and start profiting again, after being hit hard by the economic disaster caused by COVID-19. Watch his introduction video for more information.

Learn about Keuilian's program here.

How to Move Your Business Online in 48 Hours

Mike Bledsoe and The Strong Coach team have put together this FREE guide that will provide you with the exact steps, resources and software suggestions to help make the process of setting up your online coaching business a breeze!

Check out the FREE guide here.

"To move forward you have to give back."
—Oprah Winfrey


Eating a Keto Diet May Give Some Protection Against the Flu

While the connection between a healthy diet and immune system health has long been established, a recent study has found a possible link between the Keto diet and improved immunity.

Read the entire article here.

LIVE! The Strong Coach & FITAID Help Gyms Navigate Business During This Pandemic 

Mike Bledsoe (The Strong Coach) and Aaron Hinde (co-founder of LIFEAID) will be hosting a LIVE Zoom call this week, providing helpful tips & information to get gym owners through this difficult time. For full details, click the link below.

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HindeSight  |  No. 34

With so many gym doors forced to close, we started the LIFEAID LIFT program to support our local gyms & businesses, helping our community get through this current crisis, together.

BOX OWNERS, earn some cash and save your members money! Simply share this link:

Your gym will receive $15 cash for every 24-can purchase made by your loyal members or customers under your gym's name at! We ship their orders directly to them and send you the cash*. It's a win-win.  (*Verified accounts will be paid out every two weeks via PayPal.) Program valid only for the temporary duration of your gym or business' mandatory closure.

GYM MEMBERS, now you can purchase discounted cases ($5 OFF/case) when you shop at Plus, we'll give $15 cash back (for every 24-can case purchase) directly your gym. Remember to SHARE the link, SHARE the love!

This is a great way for those who are working out at home to be able to stock up any of our immunity and recovery boosting LIFEAID blends—chock full of vitamins—while supporting the gyms and businesses we call 'home,' so we can return to them once the dust settles.

We're so grateful for our community. Let's stay strong together!

Your LIFEAID family is humbled and grateful to be able to give back and financially lift up those in need during this difficult time. Please contact our team if you have any questions about the LIFEAID LIFT or how to get started: (888) 558-1113.


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Santa Cruz, CA—Jan. 27, 2020

The Jug Method

Recently launched, just in time to help all of us reach our goal of getting in the best shape of our life in 2020, the new Jug Method is already sweeping the nation! Droves of fitness fanatics from all skill levels are flocking to replace expensive home gym equipment with simple water jugs. 

Founder and creator of the Jug Method, Neal Maddox is an eight-time CrossFit® Games athlete, elite coach & fitness guru who partnered with FITAID to share his revolutionary new fitness program with the masses.

"Whether you’re an elite athlete or just trying to get fit, the Jug Method is perfect for you! Ditch those expensive plates and barbells, join the Jug Arms movement today," says Maddox with confidence.

Dip 'n' Sip, baby!

The unconventional program encourages members to "Dip 'n' Sip your way to improved strength with the Jug Method," promising to get you lean, mean and green in record time.

There are already dozens of testimonials touting the benefits of Maddox’s program: “I’m cancelling all of my gym memberships and sticking to the Jug Method,” says one satisfied convert.

Just Jugs

Convenient and inexpensive, almost any kind of plastic jug (which you can adjust to desired weight by simply adding or removing liquid) can be purchased for less than a couple bucks at most any local retailer and put to use immediately with the Jug Method’s powerful, explosive movements.

Maddox is helping millions kick excuses to the curb by making fitness affordable and convenient, accessible from the convenience of your own couch.

Join the Movement

To learn more about the program or experience the power of the Jug Method for yourself, visit today, and let the Jug Method take your fitness to the next level. Show off your jug arms in a Jug Method T-shirt, now available online in vibrant white. And don't forget to fuel your jugs with FITAID, the #1 Post-Workout Recovery Drink in America.

Join the Movement at